Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Worsted weight
Size M (9 mm) hook

SIZE:  15 inches square


1     I tied the partial skeins together using this tutorial:

With two strands of yarn held together throughout, Chain enough to make a loose chain the length of the DIAGONAL.  (47 chains made about 15 inches)

Sc in the second chain from the hook. Sc in each chain to the end of the chain. Sc back to the beginning in the free loops of the beginning chain.

Sc in the top of the first sc and every following sc around until the work measures half as high as it is wide. When a neat diagonal is attained, finish off the work leaving a tail about twice as long as the area to be seamed.
Whip stitch up along the diagonal to yield a flat, square thick pad. 

This is great. I have made this pattern before but not for cat mat. My daughter has cats so will add this to my list. I miss the beauty of Washington. We lived in Ilwaco, Port Angeles, Sequim and came to Texas from La Push. Thanks for sharing your patterns. I will look closer at your others when I have more time.
All beautiful spots in WA. Hope you enjoy Texas life.
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