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SIZE: Angel 2.75 inches, over all length 13 inches

MATERIALS:Size 3 crochet thread
Size E (3.5 mm) crochet hook
Needles with eye large enough for crochet thread

Ch 3, 12 dc in 3rd ch from hook. Join with a slipstitch in first dc. (12 dc)

Ch 1, slipstitch in next head st, sc in next st, slipstitch in next st. Don’t pull these slipstitches tight.

1st wing: Ch 8, sc in 2nd st from hook, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc across the next 6 chains.

Twist work and slipstitch, sc, slipstitch in 3 sts of the neck.

2nd wing: Ch 8, sc in 2nd st from hook, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc across the next 6 chains.

Twist work and 2 sc in first st, sc in next st, 2 sc in last st of neck. Ch 2, turn.

Row 1:
2 Dc in first st, dc in 3 sts, 2 dc in last st. Ch 2, turn. (7 dc)

Row 2: 2 Dc in first st, dc in 5 sts, 2 dc in last st. Ch 2, turn. (9 dc)

Row 3: 2 Dc in first st, dc in 7 sts, 2 dc in last st. Ch 1, turn. (11 dc)

Row 4 and Tail: 3 dc in first st, *slipstitch in next st, 3 dc in next st. Repeat once. Ch 49, sc in 10th ch from hook, to form ring. *Ch 4, skip 4 sts, sc in next ch. Repeat from * until 4 chains remain, slipstitch in same st as first ch. 3 dc in next st, *slipstitch in next st. Repeat once. 3 dc, slipstitch in last st.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Cut 6 strands of thread about 6 inches long. Fold in half and draw loop through the circle at end of tail with a crochet hook. Draw the loose ends of the strands through the loop and pull them down tightly to form a knot. Trim ends of tassel evenly.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water. Wet the bookmark with the vinegar solution. Squeeze out excess and lay on a towel. Shape the angel and tail, allow to dry.

If you work the angel with size 10 thread and a size 7 steel hook it will be about 1.75 inches.

Thanks you Sally for the information.
Thanks for the Angel Bookmark pattern. This will be a perfect gift for a friend of mine who collects Angels.

Hugs, Stormie_01
Beautiful pattern! I've never heard of vinegar and water to block. Is it like starch - does it make it stiff? I love angels! Thanks for a great pattern!
It doesn't make it stiff, just gives more body than with out.
What a lovely pattern! Thank you for this. :)
This is such an adoreable pattern. I am an experienced crocheter, but I don't understand the wings. The sc, hdc, dc, etc all go in the 2nd sc from hook, then 6 sc across chain. Twist? and slip stich - this is the part I don't understand.
The stitches are worked across the chain not all in one chain.
I worked on that this morning, I apologize, but it's the "twist" that I can't seem to work smoothly. I'll try again later this afternoon. Thank you. This will be the perfect accent for the Debbie Macomber "Where Angels Go" book I purchased for my Mother.
Hi Susie,
Your crochet patterns are unbelievable and beautiful and fun. I am a beginner crocheter and also having problems with the angel. If I do the first twist, both wings end up on the same side, if not one wing is backwards. I have MUCH problems reading directions. Can you help?
Only twist it enough to work the slipstitch in the "neck".
I would like to learn how to make this. IS there a way that you can videotape it being made so i can learn that way?
No there is not.
Thank you so much for this pattern! It is beautiful! I just came across your blog last night and must say I love your patterns! I just made it and no doubt this angel is going to be a terrific gift! =)
came across your site a few weeks ago, it is wondeful, thank you for taking the time to share with everyone,im a novice crocheter and have dyslexia but i will persevere till i get it right for your crochet pattern thanks again.
I really like your angel. I wish I could crochet. It is very nice of you to share the pattern with those who can crochet.
Hi there, I would like to ask your permission to make some of these lovely, lovely bookmarks for a Church fund-raiser to help my friend's mom with the cost of the Chemo needed to help beat her cancer for a second time. There will be no financial gain for me personally, and none other than that towards the chemo. I hope you will grant me permission but if not, I understand.

Thank you for considering this request and for sharing your wonderful patterns.

Amy McDonald
Amy contact me privately at:

A few friends and I have started a little arts and crafts club to make items for different charitable causes. We are currently crocheting some items for my friend's Church for sale at their annual spring festival/picnic or their winter/Christmas bazaar. All proceeds from either of these sales are divided between three or four different causes/charities (overseas, such as in Haiti, or locally for food pantries, etc.). Would you be willing to grant permission for us to make and sell this Angel book mark for the church function? If you would like me to get the exact organizations that the money will be going to just let me know and I'll get that information to you. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for the adorable pattern! Diana
Diana, you didn't include an email address so that I can answer your question.
Thank you for such a cute pattern. I whipped one of these up while making dinner tonight. = )
hi Suzie...this is such a cute bookmark pattern. Thanks for sharing. I am trying to make one but struck with the wings part. I am quite new to crochet. Can you explain little bit in detail (sc across the next 6 chains) where exactly i need to do sc? do you mean i should do it on 6 chains made from hdc dc and tr? if i do so then i end up at the tip of the wing that is so weird. can you please help me to understand this?
thanks so much.
Adorable, thanks for sharing!
I love to put a little something handmade in my Christmas cards ans this is perfect. I made one in no time at all. I did change the tail cause I was doing something wrong. THANK YOU!!
Blessings, Gram 0:o)
Just made my first little angel from your lovely pattern, thank you for sharing this! I am planning on making a few more to give as little presents at Christmas for relatives and friends..
so beautiful.... thank you for sharing your pattern.
This is a delightful little idea and pattern. I had problems with the "twist" aspect of the wings also, but adlibbed and twisted the wing so that both right sides faced frontwards somehow and it looks great (now if I can do that again, lol). Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!
Hi, I like very much this Angel Bookmark pattern. I translated this into Finnish, so I ask you, if I can publish my translation in my own blog? Thank you for the beautiful pattern! :)
Yes you may post the translation. Please include a link to my blog in your post.
Love this little angel. Just don't understand what "twist" is all about? Baffled. Please explain, fully, for folks like me. Thanks so much. Marla.
The twist aligns the previous work so you will have the wings oriented correctly.
I crochet for a charity that provides items for the premature baby units in the UK. We crochet burial cribs, wraps and angel pockets for the babes that don't survive or who are just born too soon. It would be lovely if I could have permission to make these to send so that parents of the babies can keep one as the other goes with their baby in the tiny coffins.. to be able to share the pattern with others who do the same would be good too.. we make no money from this .. hope this will be ok with you Sue x
Yes you may make them for that purpose. I'm always pleased when people use my patterns for charitable causes.

Hi wanted to say thank you for a lovely pattern. I have made two and as a beginner in crochet I managed no problem-even the twist :-) I have posted a picture on my facebook page with your name as designer. Many thanks x
Good to know thank you. Love the pattern. Thanks for-sharing
Suzette, could u Please answer Su's question. I am having the same problem she is. What do we do with the 6 sc?
WINGS:1st wing: Ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, tr in next ch, dc in next ch, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch.
This angel is beautiful. It will be a christmas gift for my younger sister.

Thank you! :-)

(Petra from Slovakia)
Suzie - Thanks for the pattern! I translated it into German and blogged about it (http://bit.ly/1v126jI). Are you okay with that? Thanks!! Carina.
Glad you like the pattern and translating it is super.
Do you have a diagram on the little
Angle bookmarker
I have made several of these little beauties and have just started my second one using size 10 crochet thread. Ideal size for a bible and all my angels have been well received by the recipients. Thank you for a super pattern that I, as a beginner in crochet could easily follow x
love to collect angel thank you so very very much for this bookmarkit is awesome
can i sell items made out from this pattern?
Do not offer items made from these patterns for sale without asking permission. suzettaw98226@yahoo.com

Permission for online sales will not be granted.
Thank you for the inspired Angel Bookmark! Coming from a family of readers, these will make adorable gifts for them. :)
Thank you so much for this adorable Angel Bookmark!! I was thinking that if you leave off the tassle & put a string through the top of the head, they would make adorable ornaments for your tree or cute package trims.

Could I have permission to donate some of these to the local school band for their annual auction?
For the wings: the last stitch for the wing reads "sc into the next 6 chains" but when you are trying to explain it to those who don't understand (which I was one) you say "sc into the next chain". I think how it reads in the pattern very confusing as I do with the twists. I have found a way to do the angle and it turned out beautiful. Thank you for the pattern.
Love this pattern and the others you have posted (star, Christmas tree, etc. ) made a mix of them for my children's peers. Would love to know how to make them hard. Any thoughts??
I like to use liquid starch (Vano). I have friends that use Elmer's glue diluted with water.
Thank you, I am going to make these for a small token of appreciation for my Red Hat group. Thank you for the pattern.
Would you say that this angel bookmark is a good beginner's project? Is there by chance a video tutorial to follow?? It is cute and practical, I love it. If I start soon, maybe, just maybe I can make these as stocking stuffers for my kids! ��

CC at
mrsdayseye at gmail dot com
Some crocheters have had problems with the turning for the wings, but if you don't over think it it is an easy project.

Sorry no video.
I'm having trouble with the tail. Ch4 skip 4 sts. Sc in 4ch ??
*Ch 4, skip 4 sts, sc in next ch.

I think you must have misread the instructions.
Your pattern has been stolen here:

For the wings, I don't understand the " sc across the next 6 chains". If I complete the previous stitches, there aren't any next chains left?

hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc Those 6 stitches aren't all made in the same stitch but across 6 stitches.
I'm sorry, I'm fairly new at this. I do the hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc then this is where I am lost. Am I continuing (around) onto the starting chain with the next sc x 6? It seems like it makes the wing into more of a circle when I do this.
Yes you are work the other side of the chains. Please read the whole pattern and you will see after the 6 sc you will be at the neck.
Once working these stitches,did you then single crochet on the other side of the wing. If you work the stitches throughout the chain there are no chains left to single crochet in the next six chains. Please clarify.
I got it figured out, thanks Mary!
Hi, I know it's a repeated question but i really couldn't understand the twist part? What should I do after the 6 sc? And what's meant by the twist? And thx for your beautiful pattern
Only twist it enough to work the slipstitch in the "neck".
Hi, I’m new to crochet and was wondering is the terminology uk or us please :o)
US terms. An easy way to tell is if you see sc (single crochet) is is US.
Thank you x
Wish this was a tutorial video
I had the same problem as everyone else did with the wings. Where is says to “sc across the next 6 chains”! Well….there are NOT 6 more chains. So what I did on my pattern is to CROSS off the “across the next 6 chains”! You do make a sc in the last ch on the wing, but that’s it. Then you make 2 sc in first st on the neck, sc in next, 2 sc in last st. Ch2 and turn….then make the body. It came out perfectly! I hope this helps everyone! But anywhere that it says to sc across 6 chains is a mistake….just cross that off.
I agree there are not 6 more chains to work. I will try your resolve. TY Been crocheting 53 years …. This is real puzzler
Does finished Angel have 1 wing showing right side of crochet and the other wing is showing the wrong side?
Yeah I'm with you it makes no sense what so ever..I'm lost guess I can't make it there is no 6 stitches to crochet into the neck is only 3
The 6 stitches is the wing only 3 for the neck.
Made mine with bernat dishcloth cotton..
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