Saturday, August 29, 2009


Finger puppets made by my friend JoAnne B of WA.
Thanks for sharing your photo with us.

Small amount of: Worsted weight yarn
About 30 inches of Fun Fur or other yarn for hair
G (4.25 mm) Crochet hook
Yarn needle
6 mm Wiggle Eyes or Puff paint
Tacky glue

Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
After joining round 1, puppet is worked in continuous rounds. Use a stitch marker to mark beginning of each round. Or eyeball it, after all this isn’t rocket science.
Turn your work after round 2; this is because generally eyelash yarn is fuzziest on the wrong side of crochet. If yours seems to be fuzzier on the front then you don’t need to turn.
Use the tip of your yarn needle to fluff up the individual eyelashes that are caught in the stitches.
For eyes use wiggle eyes or puff paint if for a very young child.


Round 1: With worsted weight yarn and Fun Fur, ch 2, 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Join in first sc. (8 sc)

Round 2: Cut Fun Fur leaving about an inch. Ch 1, turn, sc in the back loop of each st around. (8 sc)

Rounds 3-4: Sc in each st around. (8 sc)

Round 5: Ch 5, slipstitch in 2nd ch from hook and sc in remaining 3 ch. Sc in next 4 sts of round 4. Ch 5, slipstitch in 2nd ch from hook and sc in remaining 3 ch. Sc in last 4 sts of round 4. (8 sc and 2 arms)

Rounds 6-10: Sc in each st. (8 sc)

Finishing: Slipstitch in next 2 sts, fasten off and weave in end.

With toothpick place 2 dots of Tacky glue right below “hair” line, on adjoining sts. Place eyes on glue. Let dry and enjoy.

Bloody KUTE, Matey!

....not down under........@@
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