Sunday, June 29, 2008



Worsted weight yarn approximately 1 oz
I crochet hook

This pouch fits many sizes of phones. Mine has an extended battery and measures:
5.5” circumference X 3.5” high, excluding antenna.

Ch 8

ROUND 1: Make 2 sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in each chain (5) to last chain, working over yarn tail for remainder of this round, 3 sc in last ch, working in opposite side of starting chain, sc in each of 6 chain stitches. DO NOT join rounds. [16 sc]

ROUND 2: 2 sc in first sc of round 1, sc in next 7 sts, 2 sc in center st of 3 sc group, sc in 7 sts. [18 sc]

ROUNDS 3-13: Sc in each sc around. [18 sc]

ROUND 14: Insert cell phone into pouch. The 14th round should come nearly to the top of the phone. Mark the st at one side. Remove the phone and sc to the marked st. Ch 1 and skip 1 sc, sc around remaining sts.

Sc in each st around. [18 sc]

Fasten off and weave in end.

Attach to a belt loop with a carabineer, passed through the loop formed by the chain and skipped stitch.

This look great. I just got a new cell phone and there are no case I like for it. I will definately try this out. Thanks
I am always losing cell phone holders.. this one i made for a new camera phone i got recently and it was so easy all i had to do was just adjust the pattern a little bit..
I love this pattern!! It works up quickly and with all of my scraps of yarn I can make several. I clip it on my belt loop and so far have made 1 to match my uniform for work, 1 in Tampa Bay Rays colors for when I work the baseball games and 1 in my son's school colors for when I chaperone band trips. Thanjs a bunch for sharing this with us!
where do you buy the carabiner clip
Wal-Mart in the automotive department, $ Tree, sporting goods stores. Lots of places. Of course $ Tree was the cheapest place, although they don't always have them.
I love your patterns.! I tried this pouch and ended up making several for family. SO easy and quick. For a few of mine, I added a flap-over. This looks really great when using a colorful variegated WW yarn! Thanks.
Mother's Day is approaching, and I'm totally strapped for cash. I'm so grateful for this pattern! I had the crochet hook, my grandmother gave me some yarn, and the carabiner only cost me $1. My mother will love it so much! Now she won't have to dig through her purse and miss calls trying to find her phone!
Nate, I'm glad you found the pattern. Your mom will love it because you made it. Moms are like that.
instead of usein a clip. I chained till it was long enough so that the case would go threw the handle. it worked out being very cute. i added a little rose and gave it to my mom for christmas :)
Great pattern and very easy to customize for any phone. There have been 3 years worth of cell phone changes since this pattern was written but this pattern is still the one that I use whenever I get a new phone. Thanks for your generosity, Suzi, and for thoroughly testing your patterns before you put them up. I always trust that your patterns will work up properly every time!
Thank you for your kind words. They boosted my spirits this afternoon.
I just finished this for my Mom. Now she can have it with her on the lawn mower for emergencies.
Thanks for a great simple pattern!
Going to try this for Glasses
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