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I don't know about your house but here, it is spider season. The little devils are leaving their cobwebs around all over the place. I have an adversion to step stools, okay just call me Grace, so I whipped up this little goodie to reach all those pesky webs without my tooties ever leaving the security of the floor.

Worsted weight yarn, either cotton or acrylic – approximately 1 oz.
H crochet hook

GAUGE: 4 sc = inch

Approximately 6 inches tall

Rnd 1:
Starting at top, ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6 sc)

Note 1: DO NOT join rounds. Mark first stitch of each round if necessary.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in BLO of each stitch around (12sc)
Rnds 3-5: Sc in BLO of each stitch around (12sc)

Note 2: At this point try it on a broom handle. It should fit fairly snug. If it fits too loose, switch to a smaller hook for the remainder of the tube.

Rnds 6-19: Sc in each st around. Tube should be approximately 6 inches long. Slip stitch in next 2 sc.

Break off and weave in end.

Join yarn with a slipstitch in first unworked loop of round 1. Chain 12, slip stitch in next unworked loop. Continue working chain 12 and slipstitch in next unused loop until you reach the start of round 6. (40 loops)

Break off and weave in end.

Place on broom handle and dust those cobwebs away. Shake and wash.
BLO = Back loop only

Hey cool idea Suzie! Pop in on your broom handle, attack cobwebs and throw it in the wash. :-)
yes we do have some spiders, we do have some spiders i know what i'm making! great idea Suzetta
Just what I needed!!
We have lots of spiders this year. Thank You for the pattern.
Marie E.
Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. What great ideas you have!
Love your Blog.
My goodness! This is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

Isabelle aka Tricotine from BK
I love it!! Great idea.
How cool is that!
Here I am in MO looking at the brilliant idea that was posted to Crochet Partners. Saw your picture in the upper right hand corner... and thought to myself... HEY I know her! That is Suzetta. Looking good Lady!

Isaac, (Nicholette) and I are waving from afar.

How cool it is to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and your darling family.

Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. - Becky - Jessup, MD
You're AWESOME! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
This pattern is TOTALLY makin' my Christmas one of LESS STRESS! Thanks to you I can work these up quick enough to share for forgotten gifts, our four amazing librarians, and the twelve ladies I attend brunch with. LOVE IT! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Love this idea. I can sell them with my Biffer Cloths.

Thanks for sharing!
Thank you suzie for sharing this pattern and the idea! Add a few more loops on this and I'll use it as a duster as well. What could be better? Sweeping and dusting at the same time!

Thank you again, I would have never thought of something like this.

I really love your creation. However, I had a problem which I hope you can address. When I crochet in the back loop only, my unworked loop ends up on the inside of the handle which means that I have to turn the item inside out to use the unworked loop to create the loops. What am I doing wrong?
It is all in the way you are holding your work. I find it easier to work it wrong side out for the first couple inches and then turn it right side out and finish up.
Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it with us!
That's is great Sussie.. Will try to make it at home,.. Thanks
I just found this and I'm glad I did!!! Off to make one now
This is an awesome idea! I have an endless battle with spiders living out in the country. Now I have something cute & useful to take cares if them without costing any money! That's the best part, it's a great stash buster!
I made these for Christmas a few years back and organized a swap in which I sent one to everyone. Just recently I found out what a blessing it was to one particular recipient who still smiles every time she uses it. *THANK YOU!*

I'm getting ready to make some more for a church celebration. :)
I was so frustrated! Thanks for your help! I went to the store today to get a feather duster, not one to be found, just those throw away kind. I came home, looked up patterns for a duster and found yours! It made up quick! In less than a hour, I had it in my hands! I tried it out, works beautifully! Thank you for sharing your pattern.
Glad it worked out well for you. I need to make myself another one for the cobwebs in our garage.
Great handmade gift idea. We call them tallywackers.
Can this be knitted?
Not from this pattern.
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