Tuesday, March 02, 2010


SIZE: Approximately 5 inches wide, 55 inches long.

Worsted weight yarn about 6 ounces
(Red Heart Super Saver Cherry and White)
N (9 mm) crochet hook

1. Read pattern all the way through before beginning.

2. Scarf is actually 2.5 inches wide, but because of the twists the width is double that.

3. I didn’t weigh my skeins before starting, so I don’t know how much of each color. A skein of each should make two scarves.

4. To attach with a double crochet, with a slip knot on your hook, yo (yarn over) and insert hook in stitch where you are attaching, yo and pull through a loop, complete the dc as usual.

5. To attach with a single crochet, with a slip knot on your hook, insert hook in stitch where you are attaching, yo and pull through a loop, complete the sc as usual.


With white, chain 111

Row 1: Still working with white, sc in second st from hook and every remaining chain. Fasten off white. (110 sts)

Row 2: Turn work and attach red yarn with a dc. 3 dc in each st across. Fasten off red. (330 sts, but who’s counting?)

Row 3: Turn work and attach white yarn with a dc. 2 dc in each st across. Fasten off white. (I’m not telling, don’t want to scare you.)

Row 4: Turn work and attach red yarn with a sc. Sc in every st.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Thank You for the pattern!!!

Thank you, for your comment. I wish more people thought to leave them.
That looks GREAT!, Im gonna have to try this one.
Thanks for all your patterns,I have tried several :)and I really enjoy them.
Hi! I just came across your blog and love your stuff. I particularly like this pattern! I look forward to making one also.

Thanks again!

My group just sent 30 scarves to the Idaho Special Olympics and we live in Berkeley Springs, WV. I don't know if you have seen that project or not. If you haven't, type in Scarves for Special Olympics on facebook. You will be overwhelmed by the creativity and generosity. I have contacted the WV Special Olympics to see if we can start a scarf drive here. What do we need to do to participate in yours?


Go to this web site to read about it.
thanks for letting us know about the olympics and also for another great pattern..I have made a lot of nice gifts from your patterns

Wow! Very impressive, I love your work! I don't do much hand work anymore, but I think I could work on one of these a bit at a time. Thank you so much for posting your pattern!
Getting ready to try one of these...love the look!
Thank you for this pattern! My riding club's colours are red and gold so I am altering the colours of this pattern and making one for everyone on our competitive team for this winter. Super simple and crochets up so fast! I'm a beginner and even I can make this!

Thanks so much for the great pattern!
I'm doing this one as my scarf#3 for Scarves for Special Olympics/RI.
I love the patteren , though I am adjusting it to make sure it's big enough to meet the requirements. I may even make on for myself (in colors to match my coat of course!)
This is a fantastic pattern. Personally, I don't like to wear bulky scarves and this pattern is perfect. Thank you so very much.
Would this pattern work with a gradient yarn? Like mandala yarn?? Thinking of doing this with mandala unicorn colorway
I think that would be beautiful. Send me a picture to suzettaw98226@yahoo.com
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