Sunday, December 13, 2009


Bookmark, Ornament, Pin or Fridgie

SIZE: about 1 3/8 inches

Size 10 crochet thread
Size 7 steel hook
Small Ouchless hair elastic
Embellishments; ribbon, seed beads

Pin back

1. Read the instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. Pull slipstitches in joins tight.
3. Wreath can be worked with a larger elastic and yarn with an appropriate size hook.

Round 1: 30 sc around elastic. (30 sts)

Round 2: Ch 1, skip join, *3 dc in next st, slipstitch in next st. Repeat from * around. 3 dc in last st. Join with a slipstitch in ch 1. (15 3 dc groups)

For pin, ornament or fridgie fasten off. For bookmark continue below.



Ch 69, sc in 10th ch from hook, to form ring. *Ch 4, skip 4 sts, sc in next ch. Repeat from * until 4 chains remain, slipstitch in same st as first ch.
Fasten off. Weave in ends.TASSEL:Cut 6 strands of thread about 6 inches long. Fold in half and draw loop through the circle at end of tail with a crochet hook. Draw the loose ends of the strands through the loop and pull them down tightly to form a knot. Trim ends of tassel evenly.

Mix 1 part vinegar with 5 parts water. Wet the bookmark with the vinegar solution. Squeeze out excess and lay on a towel. Shape the star and tail, allow to dry.

Glue on bead berries and bow.

This is another charming bookmark.
ahh this is so cute! ilove it
Gill uk
I just found your site and I love your patterns. I'm somewhat of a novice and I "think" maybe I can figure them out! Thanks! Becky
Love your patterns. Even though I have been crocheting for years I still have to to the rip out thing. Patterns like yours are so easy to follow. no need to guess at it. Thank you. Problem is, I would like to print them out but I do not find a cut and paste on the screen. Maybe the part timers thing is taking over. I am almost 70, but Ido know the computer pretty wll. Can you help? Blessings, Judie in Washington State.
The way I copy and paste is to hold down the left click on my mouse and select what I want to print. Then right click my mouse and select copy. Then I paste into Word or Works. I know there are other ways to do it, but that is how I save all the patterns I see on the www.
Thank you so much for sharing! I love your patterns.
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