Saturday, November 25, 2017


Worsted weight yarn 1 ounce main color
Small amount of contrasting color if desired
US size H (5.0 mm) and F (4.0 mm) hooks
Awl or ice pick
Yarn needle
Whole or half a kitchen towel

1.    Read instructions through before beginning.
2.    I use an awl to poke the holes for my crochet hook.
3.    Work the first row with the F hook if it is too hard getting the H through the hole made with an awl.
4.    I think it is best to use cotton yarn for the topper.  That said I have made plenty of them using Red Heart Super Saver. 

Prep towel:  If using a whole towel fold in half and pin across.  If using half a towel fold cut edge over about ¼ inch.

Row 1 (RS):  Single crochet across top.  Chain 2, turn.  (Use F hook for this row)

Row 2:  Switch to H hook.  Dc in each sc.  Ch 2, turn.

Row 3:  Dc in first sc.  *Skip one dc, dc in next dc.  Repeat from * across.  Ch 2, turn.

Row 4:  Repeat row 3.

Row 5:  Repeat row 3. Adjust the number of skipped stitches and dc on this row so that you end up with 9 dc.  Ch 2, turn. (9 dc)

Row 6:  Dc in next 4 dc, ch 2, skip next dc, dc in next 4 dc.  Ch 2, turn.  (8 dc and ch 2 space)

Row 7:  Dc in next 4 dc, 2 dc in ch 2 space, dc in next 4 dc.  Ch 2, turn.  (10 dc)

Row 8-14: Dc in each dc.  Ch 2, turn.  (10 dc)

Row 15: Dc in each dc.  Ch 1, turn.  (10 dc)

Row 16: Sc in first dc,* ch 2, sc in next dc.  Repeat from* across.  Ch 3, turn.  (9 ch 2 loops)

Row 17:  5 dc in each ch 2 loop.  Dc in last sc.  Fasten off.  Don’t turn.

Row 18: Attach contrasting yarn with a sc in first dc on right hand side of towel, *ch 2, sc in next dc.  Repeat from * across.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I've been looking for this! Thank you...Diane
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