Thursday, July 11, 2013


Worsted Weight yarn, small amount approximately 1/8 ounce
Plane button
I (5.5 mm) Crochet Hook
Crochet hook small enough to fit through shank of button (I used a 5/1.90 mm)
Tapestry needle

  1. Read instructions through before beginning.
  2. If you don’t have a crochet hook small enough to pull the yarn through the button you can sew it on with the beginning tail and a tapestry needle.
  3. Yarn in the photo is Caron One Pound Sky Blue (now isn’t that appropriate).
  4. I bought the buttons at JoAnn and Michaels.

Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Dc = double crochet
St = stitch

Ch 6.

Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next ch.  Pull up loop in next ch, remove hook and using your small hook pull loop through the shank on the button.  Replace I hook and pull yarn snug and complete that sc and sc in remaining 2 chs.  (5 sts) 

Row 2:  Ch 1, turn.  2 sc in first st, sc in 3 sts, 2 sc in last st.  (7 sts)

Row 3:  (really a round)  Ch 1, turn.  (Sc, hdc, dc) in next st.  (Hdc, sc) in next st.  (Hdc, dc, hdc) in next st.  Sc in next st. (Hdc, dc) in next st.  Hdc in next st.  2 sc in last st. Sc in side of work,  Now work into the free loops of the beginning ch and over beginning tail.  2 sc in first ch. Sc in 4 chs.  Slip stitch in side of row 2.  Slip stitch in first sc of this rnd, slip stitch in next st..

DO NOT fasten off.

Ch 30. 

Fasten off leaving about a 4 inch tail.

Using yarn from the outside of the skein cut 3 strands of yarn about 6 inches long.  Fold in half and draw loop through the last chain of tail with a crochet hook. Draw the loose ends of the strands through the loop and pull them down tightly to form a knot. Trim ends of tassel evenly.

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