Saturday, November 24, 2012


A shiny little penny to hang upon your tree
Encased inside a wreath with love to you from me.

After Christmas hang your penny where you’ll see it every day
A little reminder of the Christmas love I sent to you today.

Size 10 crochet thread small amount
12 inches of yarn for bow
US Size 8 (1.50 mm) steel crochet hook
Needle with eye large enough to accept the crochet thread
Stiffener (optional)
Foam brush to apply stiffener (optional)
6 inches of gold cord or narrow ribbon for hanger (optional)

1.  Read instructions through before beginning.

2.  I used a Clover hook, they have a different numbering system.  Their size 2 is 1.50 mm, which is equal to a US 8 steel hook.

3.  I used Knit-Cro-Sheen for the wreath and Red Heart Shimmer for the yarn ribbon.  Take the yarn off the outside of the ball, so it will be nice and straight, no kinks like pulling from the inside of a new ball.

4.  Don’t be disappointed if you can’t see the date on your penny, I was bummed.  However to hold the penny in place, the date is partially covered.  You can peek at it though.

5.  I used white Elmer’s Glue diluted half strength and only put it on the last round of the wreath.  I didn’t pin the wreath, just pulled it into shape.  Then pounced the glue on with one of the cheap foam brushes from Michaels.

2 inches (okay slightly less than 2 inches) in diameter

Chain 2.

Round 1:  Working over beginning tail, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Do not join, use a marker to keep track of continuous rounds.  (6 sts)

Round 2:  2 sc in each sc around.  Move up your marker. (12 sts)

Round 3:  *Sc in 1 st, 2 sc in next st.  Repeat from * around.  Move up your marker. (18 sts)

Round 4:  *Sc in 2 sts, 2 sc in next st.  Repeat from * around.  Slip stitch in next st.  Move up your marker. (24 sts)

Round 5:  Sc in the back loop of each sc around.  Slip stitch in next st. 
Fasten off leaving at least a 6 to 8 inch tail. 

Weave the tail in and out of back loop of round 5.  Place penny tails down on wrong side of base.  Put the join at the bottom of the penny then the bow will cover any unevenness.  Pull tightly over penny.

Weave in end.


Round 1:  Attach the thread with a sc in the unused loop of the round 4 stitch under Honest Abe’s coat.  *Ch 3, skip 1 st, sc in next st.  Repeat from * around.  End ch 1, hdc in first sc.  (12 loops)

Round 2:  Ch 3, 2 dc in loop formed by ch 1 and hdc.  *Slip stitch in sc, 5 dc in next loop.  Repeat from * around.  End with slip stitch in sc, 2 dc in first loop. Join with a slip stitch in top of ch 3.  (12 dc groups)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you are going to use stiffener place wreath face side down on foil or waxed paper and apply stiffener.

When stiffener (if used) is dry, cut a strand of contrasting yarn about 12 inches long.  Starting at bottom of wreath weave through the openings and tie into a bow. 

Thread the gold cord or ribbon through the top of the wreath and tie an overhand knot close to the ends for hanger.

What a lovely idea! I love the little stockings too. Very Christmassy!
These are absolutely adorable in person.
I love these what a cute idea! Thank you for sharing.
I love the little christmas idea's you have, they are cute. I am half way through knitting your cozy cabled sleeping bag for babies and it's knitting up very fast, is easy to do and looks fantastic!! Many thanks for the patterns.
Cheers, Anita.
SO cute! I found some shiny, new pennies to make these with. Thanks for the pattern !
I just found your site and am so amazed at all the wonderful patterns you have! I love the poem that goes along with the penny wreath. I can't crochet right now due to surgery for removal of an arthritic joint in my left thumb. I am so itching to crochet and seeing all the lovely items here just made it worse! Thank you for blessing us all with your generosity. I can't wait to make the wreaths and countdown stockings for my grandbabies!
Your penny wreath is fantastic! I'd like to try it for a € coin :>)
Very special, and the poem that goes with it is as fantastic at least.
Warm Season's Greetings from The Netherlands.

Perfect timing! I'll save some of Canada's pennies - being withdrawn from circulation permanently as of February 4, 2013 - from being melted down. Thank you.
I absolutely love your penny wreath. My Dad who passed away June 2010 was a brickmason who always put a penny at each construction site where he worked. Since he passed away, my family and I have found many "pennies from heaven." This will be a very special Christmas gift for each of my family members. Thank you for sharing your pattern and God bless you.
Thanks for sharing the story of your family and father.
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