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I report you decide, which is the right side?
Edit 6/3/12 stitch count was updated.

SIZE:  32 x 38 inches

Worsted weight yarn 14.5 ounces
US size 10 (6.0 mm) 24-29 inch circular knitting needle
Tapestry needle

1.     Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
2.     Blanket is worked on a circular needle to accommodate the large number of stitches.  It is not worked in the round.
3.     If you are using one of the lighter weight (4) yarns, like Simply Soft or Pound of Love, you probably should go down a needle size and cast on 120 stitches.
4.     If you want a wider blanket cast on additional stitches in increments of three.
5.     Blanket in photo knit with Caron One Pound Sky Blue.

GAUGE:  13 sts = 4 inches  (not really important)

With circular needle, cast on 114 sts.

Rows 1-5:  K.  (114 sts)

Row 6:  K.
Row 7:  K5, P across to last 5 sts, K5. 
Row 8:  K5, *P2, K1.  Repeat from * to last 7 sts, P2, K5.
Row 9:  K5, *K2, P1.  Repeat from * to last 7 sts, K7.

Repeat rows 6-9 until blanket is one inch less than desired size.

Last 5 rows:  K.  (114 sts)

Bind off.

Weave in ends.

Wow you never cease to amaze me! I love this blanket pattern. Thanks so much!
I like the waffle side, the second picture.
Since I mostly make things for preemies, I cut this down to CO 72 and it's working out perfectly.Thanks so much for all your patterns. Is there a matching hat pattern?
Not yet. My waffle cap doesn't really match this blanket.
I figured out a hat pattern to match. Cut the pattern down to CO 39 ans didn't do the knit on each side. Turned out really cute.Can send you a pic if you want.Thanks again for this great pattern.
What is the multiple for the cast on row? I'm wanting to do this in a finer weight but I would like it to equal the same measurements.
6 plus 10 for the edge.
Thanks. Looking forward to doing this one.
How many balls of yarn does it take?
It took less than one. Since "balls" of yarn vary in ounces, I supplied quantity in ounces.
Hi, I've never used circular knitting needles before and I just got some today and I really want to try this pattern out but I need somthing clarified first. When you say it's not knitted in the round what exactly does that mean? Thank you! This blanket looks great!
You turn at the end of each row.

The only reason for circulars is to hold the number of stitches, it would be nearly impossible on regular needles.

I do almost all of my knitting on circular needles, for me it is so much easier on the hands.
Loved the blankie and it was very easy!! Looking for a matching hat.
creative (y)
I only have 3-ply yarn can i hold two strands together and use it that way to knit the blanket? will it be the same size?
thank you
I don't know the answer to your question. The gauge is about 14 sts to 4 inches if that helps.
where can you change colors?
I haven't knit it with more than one color. I abhor weaving in ends, so like to make things with only a starting and ending tail. I like to knit things that the texture is all the variety needed.

If you want to change colors I would suggest changing at the side. But that said it isn't something I would do.
Looks lovely! Would this work with #6 Super Bulky Yarn with size 8mm/US11 needles?
If that is the size needle the yarn calls for it should work okay. I don't use super bulky, but would think you would need a larger needle than 11.
how do you come up with 120 ? Because 120-10 =110 which you cant divide in threes Thank You
120-5 for first edge = 115
115-7 for P2 and second edge = 108
108/3 = 36
Great blanket. I'm knitting to donate the baby ICU at a local hospital and I've already knit 8 little blankets. It's a great pattern to do if you don't want to overly concentrate ei: while watching t.v. or chatting with someone. Thanks
So, if you're using 120 stitches, you still follow the same directions, right?
Making this for my daughter's baby. Finding it is a little smaller than what I have done before. I am not all that good at converting patterns, so if I wanted it to be about 12 inches wider how many sts would need to be cast on and still stay with the original design?
That would depend upon the yarn you want to use. I suggest measuring a swatch of the yarn you are using and then adding in increments of three to get the size you want.
Thank you. That's what I was thinking but wanted to be sure. Am not adventurous in long patterns so this was ideal and I am almost done. Next one I will increase the width a little to see how I like it. Thanks again.
Hi, I cannot wait to get started to knit this little blanket but I live in UK and our wool types are 4ply (thin) double knitting (average) and chunky (heavy), I think to look at your pattern it is double knitting, would this be right, thank you very much, Sharon.
DK is a tad lighter than our worsted. You might need to go a size smaller for your needle, but gauge isn't important.
just got this pattern and it's lovely thank you for this pattern I am going to do it wider am I right in talking it up by 3 St's to keep pattern right
Yes, that is correct.
Hi suzetta
i am knitting this blanket and it is beautiful i took it up by 21 St's to make it wider and it is lovely i am making it for my best friends daughter who is having a baby girl , could you tell me do you have any other patterns
All my patterns are listed on the right hand side of this blog.
Hi Suzetta,
As a beginner knitter in Australia, I am loving the simplicity of this beautiful pattern and making something handmade for my third child, thank you for sharing the pattern :-) I had to Google 'worsted yarn' as I had no idea what that meant LOL. Sounds like it equates to 10 ply(?) but that was unavailable in my two local craft stores, so I am using an 8 ply yarn (70/30 wool/alpaca blend, deliciously soft!) Bought 11 x 50gm balls of yarn, total yarn weight 550gm or 19.4oz. I cast on 150 stitches with 5mm (US size 8) circular needle, width of blanket approx 77cm or 30in. I will cast on slightly more next time to get closer to 32in. Hope all those numbers may help anyone else having to resort to alternate materials from the pattern :-) Thanks again! Asha C-B.
Hi Kris,
Did you use size 10 needles for the hat as well? I'm planning on knitting s hat as soon as i finish the blanket.
Thank you and I'd love to see a picture!
I didn't make a matching cap.
I just finished the blanket and i love it. I used 'I Love This Yarn' from Hobby Lobby, 4 med, 5 oz and size US 10 needles. I stopped at 32 inches long as this yarn is very soft and stretchy. Overall it measures 32 x 32 and can easily be used through toddler years. I usually crochet blankets because it's faster but this knitted up very quickly so i will use it again and again with the same yarn. If i csn just knit a matching hat I'll be finished.
Thank you for such a great pattern!
Thanks this was helpful to me also an Aussie.
Can this pattern be used with super chunky yarn?
You could use a thicker yarn with the appropriate size needle.
I'm a very beginner knitter, so don't laugh....please explain row it knit 5 then purl 5? Thanks!
No it is knit 5, purl across to the last 5 stitches and then knit them.
Hi, you say we need 14.5 ounces of Yarn, what is this in yards as thats all i have on the skein?
Yardage will vary according to the brand of yarn you use. In the Caron One Pound I used it is slightly less than 800 yards.
This looks like a pattern I can handle but I'm not a very seasoned knitter and would like help with a conversion for a cotton sport weight yarn.
This is the one I thought I'd use but don't know how much to get for your specified size and what size needle to use.
Thank you for your help!
Craft: KnittingBrand: MillaMia Yarn Weight: Sport Blend: 100% Cotton Needles: US 3 (3.25mm) Crochet Hooks: D (3.25mm) Yarn Length: 180yds (165m) Gauge: 25 stitches, 34 rows to 10cm/4" Care: Do Not BleachDo Not Tumble DryDryclean, Any Solvent

I think you will need to knit a swatch and calculate from there. I haven't worked it up in sports weight, so sorry I can't help you.
Hi there. Amazing blanket. I made one in white with the 114 stitches. Looking to make one slightly smaller. Tried 100 stitches (90 for multiples of 6, plus 1o for the boarder) but it didn't work out on row 3 of the pattern? After my last P2 ready to K5 I had 6 stitches left? All other stitches were correct - checked and re-checked!! Any suggestions as to what number I can cast on to make a slightly smaller blanket? Many thanks
The repeat is actually increments of 3 + 12. So 102 should work. Or 99 or 96.
Hi, I love this blanket and am almost finished knitting. I am a beginner knitter and I'm not sure how to bind off a blanket and weave in the ends. Can you explain or direct be somewhere that can? Is binding off a blanket the same as binding off anything else? Aren't there different kinds of bind offs?
Thank you,

You can use whatever bind off you are comfortable with. Since you're a new knitter I think it would be a good idea to use a needle larger than you used for the blanket to bind off.

You are going to love being a knitter.

Hi I am knitting this with finer yarn and smaller needles . I added 12 extra stiches to the blanket and it came out very well ( had made it before with suggested yarn size and needles )

I added the same # of extra stitches ( 12 ) for the little hat . Can you help me with the shaping part ... should I start with knit 8 k 2tog ?

I haven't tried it, but that sounds right to me.
I am a beginner knitter and found your pattern to be very easy and I am on blanket # 3. I love the pattern/ blankets. Do you have a beginner baby hat pattern to go with the blanket?

This is the cap I make to go with this baby blanket. Glad you enjoyed the pattern.
I have tried knitting the 114 stitches as stated & I can't get the pattern to work.I want to make the blanket wider.I'm using worsted yarn #10 circular needles.casted on 127 stitches.I got as far as row 9 and the pattern does not work.What am I doing wrong?Please can you help me.JR
Additional stitches should be in increments of 6.
Wondering if sport weight yarn used with 4.5 mm needles wha t size would you do the finished afghan for preemie baby
There are lots of resources online to tell you the size. To knit it you would need to knit a swatch or just take a chance.
I love this knitting pattern have knitted a few of these blankets for friends and family and I am knitting one for my husbands carer her granddaughter is having a baby girl ,everybody keeps asking me to do matinee coats in this pattern so do you have a pattern for that it would be great hope you can help
Many thanks
Sorry, I don't have a pattern like that. There are a few patterns for baby sweaters on the blog.

I love this pattern and would love to make it for my granddaughters twin bed, how many would i cast on and I am using a pound of love needle size 8 please help me. Thanks
I don't know. I think you would need to knit a swatch and calculate.
I would like to knit this blanket in double knitting and 5mm needles but would like the blanket to be 35 inches wide. Can you assist as to how many more stitches I need to cast on
I haven't done that. You will need to swatch or just take a chance.
Not sure if you are monitoring this thread but I have a question about warm waffles blanket. I live in an area where it is very warm and a wool baby blanket is not practical. I love this pattern and wanted to know your thoughts on using Berocco Modern Cotton and if possible what alterations to cast on would be needed for 30 " or so blanket or any recommendations for yarn etc.
If doingba seed stitch border would CO be the same
I think it would be the same.
So 5 stitches for border on either side would work for seed stitch as long as the repeat between borders is in increments of 3. Correct?
Yes, I believe you are right about that.
I usually don't post but I just wanted to say Thank You for this great pattern! It is my go-to pattern for baby blankets. I usually use a worsted wool super wash yarn (sugarbush bold is my favorite).
It works up fast and it is easy to remember. I get lots of ohhh and ahh's whenever I give a blanket to a new mama and baby.
Thank you again!!
Thank you for your kind words.
Hi I love this pattern and have knitted so many of the blankets I was wondering if you did the same pattern for matinee coat for baby I keep getting asked for it
Sorry, I haven't.
Hi I am the lady that asked you if you had the pattern for matinee coat well I have made one and it looks lovely I am not sure how to put the picture on here
There is no way for anyone but the blog owner to post a picture.
Could you tell me what length you knit them in please want to do some for my local hospital
I usually knit to 38 or 42 inches.
If u want to stripe the blanket which pattern row would you change color on?
I think row 6 would be a good place to change color. But I haven't done it with anything but one color as I don't like weaving in ends.
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