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Many thinks to Virginia in WA for testing this pattern.

The decreases on the sleep sack have been changed to match the cap.   I will post a different photo once I get a second sleep sack knit.

14 inch circumference by 20 inch length relaxed, 20 by 20 stretched.

Worsted weight yarn approximately 5-6 ounces
1/4-1/2 inch wide ribbon about 10 inches.
US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) 16 inch circular knitting needle
US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) double point needles for closed end option
Cable needle or one of the above double point needles
US I (5.5 mm) crochet hook for drawstring option
Tapestry needle

Approximately 16 sts = 4 inches

1.  Read instructions all the way through before beginning sleep sack.
2.  The decreases on the sleep sack have been changed to match the cap.  So yours will look slightly different than the one in the photo.
3.  Sleep sack in photo was knit with some Red Heart Super Saver, it is a discontinued color, but very close to Aruba Sea.
4.  Cap pattern posted here.


C4B: Slip next 2 sts purl wise to cable needle (or double point needle) and hold to back of work, K2, K2 from cable needle.

Cast on 86 sts using a stretchy cast on. 

Row 1:  *K2, P2.  Repeat from * across.  (86 sts)

Row 2:  *P2, K2.  Repeat from * across.  (86 sts)

Repeat rows 1and 2 for 5 inches, ending with round 2.

Remainder of sleep sack is worked in rounds.

Round 1(RS):  Without turning, P2 tog, P to last stitch, P last stitch together with first stitch of round.  (84 sts)

Round 2:  K2, P2, place marker to denote beginning of round.  Marker should be 4 sts left of center.    *K4, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker.   (84 sts)

Switch to cable pattern.

Rounds 3-4: K4, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker.  (84 sts)

Round 5: *C4B, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker. (84 sts)

Rounds 6-8: K4, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker.  (84 sts)

Repeat rounds 3-8 until sleep sack measures about 17 or 19 inches from cast on edge, depending upon if you want a closed bottom or a open bottom with drawstring.

Repeat rounds 3-8 until sleep sack is approximately 17 inches from cast on edge.  Try to end with round 8.

Begin decreases:  Switch to double points when necessary.

Dec Round 1: *K4, P2tog.  Repeat from * to marker. (70 sts)

Dec Round 2: *K4, P1.  Repeat from * to marker. (70 sts)

Dec Round 3: *place 2 sts on cable needle as if to C4B, K2, K2tog off cable needle.  P1.  Repeat from * around to marker. (56 sts)

Dec Round 4: *K3, P1.  Repeat from * to marker. (56 sts)

Dec Round 5: *K1, K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to marker. (42 sts)

Dec Round 6: *K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to marker. (28 sts)

Dec Round 7: *K2tog.  Repeat from * to marker. (14 sts)

Cut yarn, weave end through remaining 14 sts. Draw tight and weave in end.

Repeat rounds 2-5 until sleep sack is approximately 19 inches from cast on edge.

Next round:  *K8 , yo, K2tog.  Repeat from * around.  (8 yo)

Next round:  Knit.

Next 6 rounds:  *K2, P2.  Repeat from * around.
Bind off knit wise.
Weave in any remaining ends.

Pull the ribbon through the ribbing at the join and tie a bow.  I like to use a needle and thread to sew a couple stitches through the bow so it doesn’t come untied.

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I knitted this sack and it is so pretty, I love it.Thank you for the pattern. I knitted it in Red Heart Comfort and it was real cozy.
I'm a bit confused about the directions on making the open bottom version of the sleep sack. Directions say to repeat rounds 2-5---which rounds 2-5 are you referring to? Do you mean these rounds that are in the body of the pattern or the decrease rounds listed for the closed bottom?
I am very anxious to complete this project and am very pleased with the design! Thanks very much Jackie B.
Instead of the decrease rounds, work the open bottom instructions after the sleep sack is 19 inches long.
Where can I find the number for stitches ( or the pattern) cast on for the hat. Thank you I love the sleep sack ;)

All the patterns are listed in the sidebar. The above is the Cozy in Cables cap.
Thank you for providing this pattern for free...
A friend of mine is having a baby girl so I made the sleep sack body white and the top rib part coral. Instead of a bow I crocheted a dimensional flower and sewed it to the sleep sack with a white button. Love I have to make the hat.
Thanks again!
Sounds beautiful.
I made this for a November baby. I doubled the thread and made the body 4-6" longer so the baby could grow some. They live in Baltimore MD. She has slept in a long sleeve onesie and I nice and warm. The have had a bad winter there. It has been great for her.
Thanks so much for sharing! MomMomP
I love this pattern! My first cables! I made the open bottom for two reasons: I don't like dpns and I thought it's more convenient for diaper changes without disturbing baby. I had a small problem with the bottom: somehow my yarn overs weren't all on the same row (discovered as I went to thread the ribbon through). Is the idea to cinch the ribbon before tying the bow so that it's completely closed at the bottom? That is what I did. One other issue: my stitches at the opening of the ribbed collar as it goes into the pattern were sort of gapping. Not sure why that happened. Of all the baby sack patterns I've looked at this is my favorite and it's a favorite on the Facebook Knitting page. I've seen 4 others besides mine. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your projects, we really do appreciate the work you put in to keep us crafters happy. Bless you.
Thank you so much for this sweet snuggle pattern. It was fun and easy to knit. I was hoping to be able add a pic. On to the matching hat. Thanks again.
If U could help me?
What size needle did U use
with heavier yarn?
I would like to use a chunky yarn

I think it would be too large in a chunky yarn. Maybe you can find a pattern that is written for chunky.
Thanks so much for posting this cute snuggle sleep sack pattern. I love making them for my grandchildren... I'm on my 10th due Dec 1st, so I'd better get knitting.

One little suggestion... maybe mention at the beginning (ribbing) that you do NOT join in the round. It wasn't obvious to me and even though I quickly skimmed through the pattern instructions, I "assumed" to join the round since we were using cable needles. So after putting on a laborious stretchy cast on, I started the ribbing and only after a couple of rounds, realized my mistake. Ugh!

Anyways, thanks again. I can't wait to get back to it. ;)
It's me again... I'm perplexed as to what you mean by "not turning" and then purling. Is there a video to cplain this? I don't understand and the reason for it.
I don't do videos. Just do what it says and you will be okay.
I wasn't meaning you specifically. I can't just do what it says because I don't understand the terminology. Do you mrpean to join in the round and purl one row?
hi , I,ve bought the needles the pattern asked for but for some reason it has turned out huge ,I,m not sure why as I used the redheart supersaver , could you please help .Thankyou Valerie

Sometimes a person has to use a different size needle to achieve gauge. That's do to how tightly the person knits.
I am also confused with the purl without turning. Should it look like a purl stitch behind and a knitted stitch in front?

You will start working in the round, it will look like a purl stitch.
I am having my third baby due in December. what a great time for warm sleeping sack knitted with love. I knew I wanted to make something special. so I thought of one of these. When i found out that my third child is also going to be a boy I got dark blue yarn and started my work. it's been 3 days now and I am just about finished (it's hard to knit during summer with 2 noisy boys at home) and it's looking really lovely. I must admit i made a few changes. my cables are not at the same lines (idk how to explain it, English is not my native language) so it looks lil bit like Chess table. i will do a bottom open, considering how fast newborns grow, so that it would fit him fo a longer period of time. but i am definitely going to make another one just slightly bigger.
thank you so much for inspiration 🙂
Congrats on the pending birth of your son.
Beautiful pattern. I am going to get the yarn and start this today.
Thank you
I want the open bottom. After ending the body, I have 84 stitches. If i k8,yo,k2t, I end up with 4 stitches. What’s wrong?
If you knit 8 and then yarn over and knit 2 together there should not be a decrease at all as the yarn over eliminates the knit 2 together. You should still have 84 stitches.
I'd love to try this pattern. It's adorable. I looked on the sidebar and was not able to locate the pattern with the number of stitches to cast on. Also, is the gauge the same for width and length of the stitch? Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

Cast on 86 sts using a stretchy cast on.

Gauge is only the width. Since the sleep sack instructions state work to length gauge for length of stitches isn't necessary.
So u change to circular needle to knit in the round once the ribbing is done. Is that correct?

I use circular needle for the entire sleep sack.
You just net back-and-forth on the circular needles like you would with straight needles
Could you do this on straight needles please.
No, because then you would need to seam it together and I hate sewing knitted items.
I am trying to decide between closed and open end with drawstring...does anyone have a picture of the drawstring option??
It would be similar to this one:
No it is written for working in the round. You need to find a pattern that is knit flat and seamed.
Can i make it larger?
You could try it with Caron One Pound and a size 11 needle and that would make it a little larger.
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