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Many thanks to Virginia in WA for testing this pattern.

12-15 inches

Worsted weight yarn approximately 1.5 ounces
US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) 16 inch circular knitting needle
US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) double point needles
Cable needle or one of the above double point needles
Tapestry needle

Approximately 16 sts = 4 inches

1.  Read instructions all the way through before beginning cap.
2.  This cap matches the sleep sack here.
3.  3/17/12 Now that I have made several of these caps, I think I like the K1, P1 ribbing better.  Give it a go and decide which you like best.


C4B: Slip next 2 sts purl wise to cable needle (or double point needle) and hold to back of work, K2, K2 from cable needle.

With 16 inch needle, cast on 48 sts. Join and work in the round.

Place marker to denote beginning of round.

Rounds 1-5:  *K2, P2.  Repeat from * around.  (48 sts)

Switch to cable pattern.

Rounds 6-7: K4, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker.  (48 sts)

Round 8: *C4B, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker. (48 sts)

Rounds 9-11: K4, P2.  Repeat from * around to marker.  (48 sts)

Repeat rounds 6-11, until cap is approximately 5 inches from cast on edge.   Try to end with round 11.

Begin decreases:  Switch to double points when necessary.

Dec Round 1: *K4, P2tog.  Repeat from * to marker. (40 sts)

Dec Round 2: *K4, P1.  Repeat from * to marker. (40 sts)

Dec Round 3: *place 2 sts on cable needle as if to C4B, K2, K2tog off cable needle.  P1.  Repeat from * around to marker. (32 sts)

Dec Round 4: *K3, P1.  Repeat from * to marker. (32 sts)

Dec Round 5: *K1, K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to marker. (24 sts)

Dec Round 6: *K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to marker. (16 sts)

Dec Round 7: *K2tog.  Repeat from * to marker. (8 sts)

Cut yarn, weave end through remaining 8 sts. Draw tight and weave in end.

do you not have to cable to the front as well as the back? Thanks for the awesome pattern!
No, the cables all go the same direction.
If I wanted to make this in a bigger size should I just go up in needle size or should I try increasing the number of stitches ? I need it for a 20 inch head.
I would cast on more stitches in increments of 6. 66 might be enough stitches, I'm not sure.
Could I knit this on straight needles then sew the back of it?
Then you would have to translate the rounds into rows and it would be easier to just find a pattern that is written to be knit flat.

Or take up the challenge and buy yourself double points and work it as written.
I would like to know how to use the 16" needles with only 48 stitches in the round. I made one of the cocoons with that needle but the hat I can't make in the round with this needle. I'm a fairly new knitter and can't figure it out. Could you please help me. Thank you.
Only thing I can suggest is make sure you aren't casting on tightly. After a couple rounds it gets easier.

Some people work the first few rounds as rows (turning) and then work in the round. They use the tail to close the gap created by working in rows.
I would go up size needles x
10.5 is already pretty big for worsted weight.
I believe there is an error on dec. round 4, should be *K4, P1*

I haven't knit one in ages, but will and check.
I knit the hat with double pointed needles only , hard to manage at beginning, but easier as got further up the hat, turned out cute, I maded it for great grand son.
Glad you liked your results and congrats on the great grandson.
Loved making this little hat but I think the error in the pattern is that before starting to decrease you should try to finish on round 9...not round 11. I'll be doing that next time I make it. And I'll definitely be making it again. Thanks so much for a great pattern.
I love this pattern and the sack that goes with it I just finished it in blue for a little boy that is being born in Feb. Gave it to a friend who had a baby in December and it is their favorite hat thank you for great patterns.
Thanks for your kind comment. It was a real pick me up.
I'm just a beginner. Made my firs hat ever knitting in the round on dpk's. On my 2nd one.
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