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These booties knitted in the round, with only two ends to weave in are to match the ever popular 5 Hour Baby Sweater.

Pattern edited to clarify instep rows (8/15/11).

Worsted weight yarn less than 1.5 ounces
US size 6 (4.25 mm) or US size 8  (5.0 mm) knitting needles
US size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Marker (optional)

Foot sizes 4 and 4.5 inches. 

1.     Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
2.     Use your preferred type of needles for working small circumference projects.  I used Clover Takumi Bamboo double points and pattern is written that way, but you can use 2 circulars or one long circular.
3.     Booties measured flat with US 6 needle about 4.25 inches, with US 8 about 4.75 inches

K = knit
P = purl
Ssk = slip, slip, knit
K2tog = Knit 2 together
P2tog = Purl 2 together
3 needle bind off

Rib cuff, instructions for roll cuff at bottom of pattern:
Cast on 24, join being careful not to twist.
Either place a marker or use the tail as your marker.

Round 1-3: K1, P1 around.  (24 sts)

Rounds 4-5:  K.  (24 sts)

Round 6: K2tog around.  (12 sts)

Round 7: *P1, insert left needle under next horizontal loop of row below (between sts) and purl this stitch.  Repeat from * around.  (24 sts)

Round 8-9:  K.  (24 sts)

Round 10: K2tog around.  (12 sts)

Round 11: *P1, insert left needle under next horizontal loop of row below (between sts) and purl this stitch.  Repeat from * around.  (24 sts)

Round 12:  K.  (24 sts)

Round 13 (Eyelet round): *K2, yo, K2tog.  Repeat from * around. (24 sts) 

Round 14: K.  (24 sts)

At this point arrange stitches with 8 stitches on each of three needles.

Row 1:  Knit 16, turn.

Row 2:  Purl 8, turn.

Row 3:  Knit 8, turn.

Rows 4-11:  Repeat rows 2 and 3. Ending with row 3.

On 11th row do not turn.

Transition back to rounds:

Round 15:  This is half a round to bring work back to the marker.  Pick up and knit 8 stitches on left edge of instep.  Then knit 8.  You should be at the marker.  (32 sts on needles)

Round 16:  Knit 8.  Pick up and knit 8 from right side of instep.  Knit around to marker.  (40 sts)

Rounds 17-22:  K.  (40 sts)

Round 23:  Ssk, k16, k2tog, ssk, k16, k2tog.  (36 sts)

Round 24: K.  (36 sts)

Round 25:  Ssk, k14, k2tog, ssk, k14, k2tog.  (32 sts)
Round 26: K.  (32 sts)

Round 27:  Ssk, k12, k2tog, ssk, k12, k2tog.  (28 sts)

Arrange stitches 14 on each of two needles.

Turn bootie inside out by pulling cuff up through the opening formed by the stitches on the needles. 

Finish with 3 needle bind off.

Weave in ends.

Ch 60.   Cut 4 pieces of yarn about 8 inches long.  Using your tapestry needle pull 2 of the yarn pieces through the last chain and tie the tail and the pieces in an overhand knot.  Repeat in first chain.  Weave the drawstrings in and out the eyelet round, trim the tails about an inch long and tie in a bow.

Knit 8 rounds.  Continue, starting with round 6.

Adorable. I love the colors.
Thanks so much for posting this pattern! I made a 5-hour baby sweater for a baby shower and was looking for booties to match. These are perfect!
Thanks for booties pattern. Where can I find 5-hour baby sweater pattern. Thanks Dot W.
There are several versions on the internet. Check Knitting Pattern Central or Google it.
I am sorry, but I am a bit confused. I am still somewhat new to knitting. This pattern seems great as far as the detail. But, I watched a lot of instruction videos on knitting socks and thought this might be an ideal pattern to start with. However, I am somewhat confused by the instep directions. This seems to be knitting the arch part of the foot instead of a heel flap that I have seen done in the sock knitting videos. Am I interpreting that correctly? If so, is it just the backwards version of a sock? Also, I got the link to this pattern from, which gave this pattern the rating of Easy. I hope that that is accurate. I don't think there are any patterns for begginer booties, are there? Anyways, thank you for the pattern. From the pictures and what I have done so far, they are adorable.
This pattern isn't like working socks. The part you are asking about is the top of the foot, working toward the toes.
Hi! I am trying to understand the first step of the instep piece. How do you knit 16 stitches when 8 stitches are on 3 different needles? Do you arrange the stitches on different needles after knitting the 16? Thank you for your help - these booties are so cute and I hope to accomplish your wonderful pattern.
Knit 8 off one needle. Then knit the next 8 using an empty needle. You only want 8 sts on a needle at one time.
If anyone is looking for the 5 Hour Baby Sweater, you can find one version on my website

Great booties pattern! Thanks :)
I am sorry, but the instep directions have me confused. I understood how to form it up until round 15. Now I can't figure out how to "Pick up" and end up with the extra stiches and the work joined properly. Is there a video link that shows it being done in this way, or could someone provide more explaination as to what I am supposed to do for rounds 15-16? Thanks for the help. The pattern is great, and I am sure it will be beautiful if I can figure this out. Thanks so much.
I reread the instructions and I don't know how to make them any clearer. If it is the picking up stitches you don't understand you can find videos on that on you tube.
I have knit alot but I do not get what to do for rows 12-15.

There aren't rows 12-15.
what is
three needle bind off?
Try watching a video on You Tube.
Hi, would you mind explaining the start of the instep part to me please? I'm fairly new to knitting and can't seem to understand it. If I knit 8 surely I will have 16 on one needle? Or do I need four needles in total and just keep knitting onto an empty one? Thank you! :)
Yes you use four needles and keep knitting with an empty one.
Thank you! Great pattern. Not quite 5 hours for me, at first. But I got the momentum shortly. I had to make 4 booties because I accidentally added 3 extra rows to my first one, and had to make one to match.

I used long circular AddiTurbos. It's a walk in the park. Never use dpns here.

I'm giving my two pairs(thus far) as gifts. Thank you. Oh I noticed a gap in numeric sequence on your rows, so I just omitted those numbers in my count.

Love these!
I also think this pattern is pretty cute but like the other ladies who stated their confusion beginning at row 15...I'm right there with them. I am a seasoned knitter but this is not clearly written. Perhaps if there were a hair more detail....

thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

Robyn's Lil Nogg'n Covers

Thank you for sharing this pattern! As many comments above mentioned, when I came to row 15 I became a little confused, so I decided to put the project down and sleep on it. That often works for me and it did with this pattern too. I woke up refreshed and ready to focus. It went well and I finished in less than another hour. Sounds like a simple suggestion to give, but I think we all sometimes get a little lost in the forest and need to step back. Just a thought that may help some get past row 15! Anyway, thank you again for sharing the pattern! They are adorable!
If there aren't rows 12 to 15, why have the gap?
Rows and rounds.
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