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Edited 3/29/2012 to correct stitch number in special stitch.  Edit in red.

Worsted weight yarn (4 Medium) about 1.5 ounces
Size 10.5 (6.5 mm) knitting needles
Tapestry needle

1. Read the instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. Use your choice of double points, long circular or two circulars. I used double points.

Small Picot Cast On:
Make a slip-knot and place it on your left needle. Knit a st into the slipknot, leaving the slipknot on the needle. Place the new st onto left needle by inserting the left needle into the front of the new st. Continue in this way to CO 5 sts, then bind off 1 st, leaving 4 sts. Continue to CO 5 sts and bind off 1 until 20 
54 sts are on needle.

SIZE: 15-18 inch

With 16" needle, small picot cast on 54 sts. Join and work in the round.

Place marker here to denote beginning of round.

Round 1-5: K1, P1. Repeat around. (54 sts)

Round 6: Knit, Increase 6 stitches by increasing in every 9th stitch. (60 sts)

Knit until cap measures 4.5 inches from cast on edge.

Round 7: *K 8, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (54 sts)
Round 8: K
Round 9: *K 7, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (48 sts)

Change to DPN
Round 10:
*K 6, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (42 sts)
Round 11: *K 5, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (36 sts)
Round 12: *K 4, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (30 sts)
Round 13: *K 3, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (24 sts)
Round 14: *K 2, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (18 sts)
Round 15: *K 1, k2tog. Repeat from * around. (12 sts)
Round 16: *K2tog. Repeat from * around. (6 sts)

Start I Cord, k2, k2tog, k 2 for the first row only.

Knit 5 or 6 inch I Cord with the remaining 5 stitches.

Cut yarn leaving a 6 inch tail.

Use tapestry needle to run yarn tail through the stitches and pull to close. Now run yarn down the center of the I Cord.

Weave in ends. Tie I Cord in a knot.

Special stich info says continue until 20 stitches on needle, than instructions state picot cast on 54 stiches.Do we just do the cast on until we have 54 stitches on the needle?? Love this pattern so cute!!!!
Good question, that's what happens when you copy instructions from another pattern and miss an edit.

Yes cast on until you have 54 stitches,
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