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Many thanks to Cherie, Virginia and Jo for testing this pattern.
GOT SCRAPS YES: This scrappy scarf has beads on some of the tails.

GOT SCRAPS YES: This scrappy scarf is made with two strands of yarn throughout. RHSS Black and lots of scraps in the pink family.

GOT SCRAPS NO: You don't have to go scrappy. This one is worked with Caron Scarlet and RHSS Mexicana.

Matching Got Scraps Cap

SIZE: 8 inches wide, 60 inches long

1. Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. Project is worked with two strands of worsted weight yarn throughout. You can use two strands of sports weight in place of one of the worsted weight yarns. Or use a novelty yarn for one strand. Most anything goes. I use one strand of a neutral color to make it look “planned”.
3. If making the scarf and cap, with a 5 ounce multicolor yarn, crochet the cap first and then crochet the scarf until you run out of yarn.
4. When adding a new color tie an over hand knot and leave about 6 inch tails. It’s your choice to weave in the ends or leave them loose. I like to leave them loose and add some beads to the tails.

About 8 ounces of worsted weight yarns.
Seed beads with hole large enough to accept a strand of yarn (optional)
Boye P (10 mm) crochet hook
(the Bates hook is 11.5 mm so be sure to use the smaller one)
Size 5 steel hook or dental floss threader if you are using beads
Tapestry needle if you are weaving in ends

V st: Dc, ch 1, dc same stitch
Shell: 3 dc in same stitch

With two strands of yarn, loosely chain 19 stitches.

Row 1: Shell in 5th chain from hook. *Skip 2 ch, V st in next chain, skip 2 ch, shell in next ch. Repeat from * once. End by skipping 1 ch and dc in last ch. Ch 3 and turn.

Row 2: Skip 2 st, V st in center dc of first shell. *Shell in ch 1 sp of next V st, skip 2 sts, V st in center dc of next shell. Repeat from * once. End with dc in top of turning chain. Ch 3 and turn.

Row 3: Work shell in ch 1 sp of first V st. *Skip 2 sts, V st in center dc of next shell, shell in ch 1 sp of next V st. Repeat from * once. End with dc in top of turning chain. Ch 3 and turn.

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until scarf is desired length ending with row 3.

Either trim all the tails about 1 ½ inches long, weave them in or add beads.

If you are adding beads, tie the tails around a stitch so that they don’t stretch out from the scarf from the weight of the beads.

Depending upon the size of the hole in your beads either use the steel hook or a dental floss threader to pull yarn through one or several beads. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn to keep the beads from sliding off the yarn.

This is a great idea! Thanks for the pattern. :)
This looks like a great scarf, but I would like to make it for a granddaughter. She turned five in Jan., and I think 8” is too wide. Any suggestions for making it smaller?
Also, any recommendations for other scarfs for small children (these will probably be Christmas gifts and my other young granddaughters will be 2 and almost 4 by then)?
I think two strands would be too bulky for a child that young.

For the younger children I would make them cowls instead of scarves.
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