Friday, October 29, 2010


The challenge with designing this scarf was getting both butterflies' lower wings facing the correct way.
Pattern edited to add the starting chains on several rows. Edits in red font.


SIZES: About 6 1/2 inches wide

Worsted weight yarn, about 4.5 ounces for 58 inch scarf
Size J (6.0 mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

GAUGE: Unimportant

1. Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. Turning chains do not count as first stitch,
3. Be sure to read the instructions for working the treble in row 6.
4. If desired, you can work additional butterflies after any two single crochet rows.

Row 1:
Ch 18, working in the bumps on the back of chains, sc in the second st from hook. (17 sc)

Row 2-3: Ch 1, sc in each st. (17 sc)

Row 4-5: Ch 2, dc in 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7, dc in last 5 sts. (10 dc and 1 ch 7 loop)

Read the instructions for working tr around the ch 7 loops row 6 only.
Working behind the ch 7 loops, YO (yarn over) twice. Insert hook in the 4th st of the skipped sts in row 3 and pull up a loop. YO and pull through 2 loops, twice. Slip one of the remaining loops on hook off, hold on to it, place hook in front of the ch 7 loops and replace the loop on the hook, YO and complete the tr.

Row 6: Ch 2, dc in 5 sts. Ch 3, tr (see above) around the ch 7 loops in the 4th of 7 skipped sts of row 3, ch 3, dc in last 5 sts.

Row 7: Ch 1, sc in 5 sts, 3 sc in ch 3 loop, sc in tr, 3 sc in ch 3 loop, sc in last 5 sts.

Row 8:
Ch 1, sc across.

Rows 9-10: Ch 2, dc across.

Rows 11-12: Ch 1, sc across.

Repeat rows 9-12 until scarf is about 4 inches less than desired length.

Row 13-14:
Ch 2, dc in 5 sts, ch 7, skip 7 sts, dc in last 5 sts.

Row 15: Ch 2, dc in 5 sts. Ch 3, tr around both ch 7 loops into 4th of 7 skipped dc stitches of row 14, ch 3. Dc in last 5 sts.

Row 16: Ch 1, sc in 5 sts, 3 sc in ch 3 loop, sc in tr, 3 sc in ch 3 loop, sc in last 5 sts.

Rows 17-18: Ch 1, sc across.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Just a question; Is this a Dragon Fly? I don't understand why the TR? Wouldn't you elminate the TR and just pick up from the bottom with a Single St. around all the Chained Strands? You wouldn't have an opening in there either unless of course this is meant to be a Dragon Fly?

Thank you!
Guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. You can call it a dragonfly if you want. I call it a butterfly, because that's what it looks like to me.
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