Friday, May 14, 2010

Patterns that were on Ravelry

I'm in the process of deleting ALL my patterns from Ravelry. When the pattern can't be deleted I will delete the information.

The pattern will still be available here.

I never went to Ravelry for your patterns, but thanks for the heads up.

I make things for charity,and for Christmas using your patterns. What a joy your patterns are for me. Since I make alot of things for babies your recent patterns are just treasures.

I am on the sleeves to the 7 hr sweater. It is so well written.I am the queen of problems so far none.

Thank you for all you give us so freely . It is appreciated and no small thing for so many of us.
Thanks Mimi, I love hearing what people are making from my patterns.
Many thanks for all your patterns. I just started the two strand red/white scarf pattern you gave for the Washington Olympics. I hope you realize what an enormous help you are to many who craft for charity.
Thank you Alma. I will continue posting patterns to my blog so be sure to check back.
Hello Suzetta,

I don't go to Ravelry for your patterns, just here. But, was just wondering. Why is the reason your deleting all of your patterns there?

Crocheting Mom
Hey Suzie,

I just noticed you had removed your patterns from Ravelry. I hope it was not caused by any stressful situation. I did want to take the time to thank you for your kindness in sharing your patterns. I knit baby sweaters for a charity, and recently when I needed a toddler size for the same charity - up popped your toddler sweaters! Thank you so much!! Know that you are loved and appreciated.
I just finished two of your Baby Girl Vests and I have been pulling my hair out trying to find your pattern on Ravelry to reference them to. Now I know why I couln't find them! I loved the pattern..they turned out so cute. Thank you so much for the patterns!
So glad you enjoyed the pattern.

I'll be adding to the nearly 200 patterns on my blog, so check back now and then.
I was a little bummed to see that you took your patterns off of Ravelry, but I am very glad (and grateful!) that you are continuing to share them.
I didn't see any value to me having them both places. Perhaps if I sold my patterns, as many do, the effort to place them on Ravelry would be a benefit.
Glad to know I can still find them here.

I will soon be starting some Special Olympic Scarves for you.
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