Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joining Yarn

My favorite way to join yarn in the middle of a project:

Don't you hate it when you are crocheting blissfully along and you come to a funky place in the yarn? Maybe it is a knot or just a spot where the yarn didn't get spun well. Or sometimes there is just a glob of fiber. Well a glob of fibers not so bad, I can usually pick that out and continue on my merry way.

BUT when there is a knot or other reason you need to cut the yarn (or just change color), what I do is; cut the yarn leaving a tail about 4 inches long. Then I join the new piece of yarn by completing the last pull through of the stitch with the new yarn. I work about 10 stitches, turn my work over and find the two tails. adjust the tails so that the stitches are uniform at the join. Then I tie a square knot. I know lots of people say NO KNOTS. Well, I've been crocheting a long time and have been doing it this way more years than most of you have been alive and have never had a crocheted item come apart. Okay, now you have a knot near the top of your work, use your hook to weave one tail in and out of the back loop of your work about six times. Weave the other tail the opposite direction also in the back loop. End your weaving with the yarn tails on the back side. Now crochet away. When you come to the woven section on your next round or row, crochet right over it like it isn't even there. When you are all finished go back and trim off the little tails that remain. You won't be able to see the join, and it will NEVER come undone.

It took lots longer to type this up than it will take you to do a join. Let me know if you try this method. It beats the heck out of any other method of joining and weaving in ends.

Thank you. I am working on a scarp ghan and this method has some features I already use but some tips I did not. I will be trying this in the next day or two.
You are welcome.

I'm working on scrap lapghans, that is what reminded me to post this hint.
I use knots too, but always adjusted so they don't show at all. And I leave long tails on the yarn to weave in as well.

I've been knitting and crocheting since I was 8 years old. And that's a long time ago.
I have always done my that way. Knots do not come apart, ever.
It's a "why didn't I do that" moment! Great tutorial Suzie!
Thank you
I'm w/ you - a knot girl.
It must make us "knotty" crocheters... hehe

I've always used knots and always felt so guilty and worried about my work coming apart one day! thank you so much for relieving my fears! Love your site!
Do what works for you. Be sre to not cut the yarn close to the knot or that could come loose.
hi, i always tie knots...and then weave and crochet over it. i had only weaved in the ends with the first afhan i ever made and its all coming apart now. besides you can never see the knots!!!
Suzie -- I had never changed colors or connected yarn in this manner before, but I followed these instructions in your pattern for the "Woman's Granny Hat" and loved the result. How nice and easy and neat it works! It's my new favorite now. :-) Thank you!
btw.... I, too use square knots. :-)
I too have been using knots and weaving in the ends and I have been knitting for crocheting for nearly 40 years and never had a knot come undone.
Whoever says that they will should try to untie one because that is nearly impossible.
Well, I don't care anymore about the "no knots" rule, because this works with crochet, some of my weaving and even my rake knitted pieces which needed some joining.

Thanks for the tip!

I have an interesting Beading tip, if you're interested... :)
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