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Since 1999 I have been making these little bassinet purses. I started with this pattern and every year have tweaked it a little. This year I decided I would spend some time to get it just the way I like it. It is larger than the original. I leave the hood off, as it never turned out perfectly for me. I was always unhappy with the drawstrings, so I added a round just to corral those and like it much better.
I thank Irene for the inspiration. Lots of little girls past and future thank her as well.

2/18/2010 Round 6 edited, Edit in red.

6 inch doll

Worsted weight yarn 2 colors (main 2 oz, contrast 1.5 oz)
Crochet hook size H (5.0 mm)
Stitch marker (I used a bobby pin)

1. Read notes and instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. Round 1 has 7 dc (counting the ch 3 as a dc) on one end and the opposite end has 6 dc. That’s intentional, to make it work out to 45 sts.
3. When joining with a slip stitch, pull the slip stitch tight.
4. Hdc shows three loops, the two you always see and a third on the back. You will be working first in the back loop and after turning working in the remaining two loops.
5. I used Red Heart Super Saver for the bassinet in the photo.
6. The doll was purchased at Wal-Mart.
7. Cut a piece of flannel 8 X 8 inches for blanket.

Starting at base, with white leaving a 6 inch tail, ch 21

Round 1: 3 dc (counts as a dc) in 4th ch from hook, dc in each of next 16 ch, 6 dc in last ch, working along opposite side of starting ch and over beginning tail, dc in next 16 ch, 3 dc in last ch. Join with slipstitch in top of ch 3. (45 sts)

Rounds 2-5: Ch 2 (does not count as a dc), dc in each dc around. Join with slipstitch in top of first dc. (45 sts)

Round 6: Ch 1, (does not count as an hdc), hdc in each dc around. Join with slipstitch in back loop of first hdc. Place a marker in the two front loops of the same hdc. (45 sts)

Round 7: Ch 1, slipstitch in the back loop of each hdc. Join with slipstitch in front loop of first slipstitch. (45 sts)

Round 8: Slipstitch into the 2 marked loops of the first hdc of round 6, do not remove marker. Ch 2, turn, working in the two remaining loops of the hdc of round 6, 2 dc in the next stitch (not the marked st) and each st around. Make the last 2 dc in the marked st. Remove marker. Join with slipstitch in first dc. (90 dc)

Round 9-11: Ch 2, dc in same st as join, dc in each dc around. Join with slipstitch in first dc. (90 sts)

Round 12: Sc in same st as join. *Ch 2, skip 2 sts, sc in next st. Repeat from * around. Ch 2 and join with slipstitch in top of first sc.

Fasten off.

Round 13: Join contrasting yarn with a slipstitch in same sc as join. Ch 3 (counts as a dc), 4 dc in same st (beginning shell). *5 Dc (shell) in next sc. Repeat from * around. Join with a slipstitch in top of ch 3. (30 shells)

Fasten off.

EDGING: Attach contrasting yarn in any slipstitch of round 7. Rev sc in each slipstitch of round 7 (you will actually be working in the same sts the slipstitches were worked). Do not join, fasten off and use the yarn needle to join and weave in end.

DRAWSTRINGS: (make 2) With main color, make a ch 36" long (approximately 120 ch). Fasten off.

Starting at one end of bassinet, weave drawstring in and out of the ch 2 loops of round 12. Tie ends of chain together.

Starting at the opposite end weave second drawstring in and out of the ch 2 loops of round 12 and tie ends of chain together at opposite end of bassinet.

Your version of the bassinet purse is cute. Am thinking of making some of these for Make a Wish, if you wold not mind. Wish I could volunteer, but that is a 100+ mile round trip for me. They always need things for the kids so this is somthing I could contribute.
It is okay to make things from any of my patterns for donation. Just don't sell them for personal profit.
OMgosh! I just found your blog and I'm in heaven! Thank you so much for so many wonderful patterns of ALL venues! Love, love, love!!!!! Now that I've found you, I hope you will keep on posting forever... (yes, I know this is really gushing, but I AM excited :+))
Can you tell me how large is the baby? Thank you.
Guess you missed where it says it is a six inch doll.
I use to make these using a butter tub many many years ago. You would punch hols around the tub and then crochet the rest
I love this pattern. You made one for my daughter years ago and she carried it with her wherever she went. Thank-you for posting it!
Thanks Vanessa.

This pattern is a new improved version.
I've been searching for this pattern for about a year now, but many sites close easily. I want to make this one first, then one a little larger to carry Thumbellina I still have from when I was a little girl. She still works and I think she deserves a place of honour to rest. :)
LOVE THIS PURSE!!! this will make a great gift for my daughter
we have had a hard year, as most people have, but she has come through it like a trooper and this will make an "extra special" gift for her. thanks
tewnty five years ago my mother sent my daughter this bassinet in the mail. On the day it arrived we got a call the she had been killed in an auot accident. Tjis was special to my little girl. A few years later we lost our home to a fire and she lost the bassinet. Thanks to your site I can now make her a new one for her daughter. Thanks, Diane
In Round 6, is the beginning chain a chain 1 or 2?
Should be ch 1.
You said to start with a 6 inch tail with 21 chain .I can't seem to find what I am doing with the 6 inch chain that was left?
Read round 1.

and over beginning tail
this is exactly what I have been looking for I just bought my grandaughters 7" lots of love babys and need a bassinet for them. I know you said this is for a six inch baby but I can make it work. Thank you so much!
I make things for our local Wish Tree every year and there's always a request for baby dolls. My problem is finding the dolls. Where do you get your 6" dolls? I'm unable to find them here. We're very remote and the only toy store is KMart. I haven't been able to find them online at a price plus shipping that is affordable.
I haven't bought any for several years. I bought them at Wal-Mart and they were 99 cents.

I will have to see if our store still carries them. If not maybe there is a slightly larger doll that I could upsize the pattern to fit.
I was able to buy two of these at the Bellingham Wal-Mart this morning. So guess they are still selling them. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas they will probably have lots of them.
I don't know what the dates are on these postings but I have been making these bassinet purses for a few years but want to try this pattern. I always bought the 6" doll at Walmart. Last week I went to 2 Walmarts in my area looking for them and was told they aren't going to sell them anymore. I can't find a 5" to 6" doll that is affordable. Has anyone found little dolls somewhere else?

If Wal-Mart gets them in it will be before Christmas. That has been the only time I've been able to find them for a few years. The only other dolls I know of are the Berenguer 5 inch ones, they are usually $6.
i found my 5" lil cuties doll at mary maxim for 5.99 and can get 8.5" and 10" lots of love for about 10.00 and 15.00 or less. i also use needle point canvas to make the purse with bed on top and a place to put clothes under/bottom of purse.
Hi! I love this pattern. Thank you for postng it. Can you post the hood part of the pattern please? My dauhgter wants it and I promised I'd try it. I don't know the date of these posts but I found a doll at target. Its a little bigger but its only $3.50.
Hi I lovethis pattern! Thank you for posting it. Can you post the bassinet hood part of the pattern please? My daughter wants it and I promised I would try to make it for her. As for the dolls I found one at Target for 3.50.
There is a link to the original pattern that has a hood. I don't have instructions for the hood. I'm sure if you search online you can find others.
8/31/2015 --I found a little 5" doll at Target for 2.99. She is called a Moxie Girlz friend mini doll- Amoire. They had, at the time of my purchase, about 5 different looks for this brand of doll, all with different names. After I gave this to my niece, I also noticed that she put her Barbie brand Chelsea doll in here (really good fit). This also carries a whole herd of My Little Ponies. (LOL) She absolutely loves this. My sister says she takes it everywhere. Thanks so very much for posting this pattern. You have definitely made a child happy.
Thanks for the info on the dolls.
I have crochet this in variegated yarn and it looks really cute
I love making this item. I want to know if I can donate to Salvation Army for little ones. I have a bizarre coming up Saturday. Is it ok to sell them at the bizarre.
I love making this purse. I have a bizarre coming up Saturday. Can I sell them there. It only happens around Christmas.
I love making this pattern. It will definitely make a child happy. This what makes my Christmas. I want to share the finished product with Salvation Army. Also I would like your permission to sell these at a bizarre that happens once a year

Yes you can sell them at the sale Saturday and donate to Salvation Army as well.
They now have 5 inch dolls at the Dollar Tree. They are made very nice. $1
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