Sunday, December 07, 2008



6 inch bead candy cane
Size 10 crochet thread
Size 7 (1.65 mm) steel crochet hook

1. The cane in photo was crocheted with Royale Gold Metallic thread.
2. I bought the bead candy canes at Dollar Tree.
3. After tying the ends together I put a speck of glue on the knot.

Before beginning remove the hanging thread, if your candy cane has one. Save it to put back on when the candy cane is completed.

Row 1: Starting at bottom of candy cane sc between first two beads. *Ch 3, sc between next two beads. Repeat from * until the candy cane starts curving then ch 4 between beads.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, slipstitch in first sc. *6 dc in first ch 4 loop, slipstitch in sc. Repeat from * until you get to the ch 3 loops then 5 dc in loops, with the slipstitch between in the sc.

Fasten off. Tie the two tails together and weave ends under the base of the dc.

Put the gold thread back on for hanging.

Very elegant!
Beautiful! I can't wait to try it! They would look great on package tags too!
if you can't find the beaded candy canes, make them using floral wire stem cut into 3 equal pieces and use faceted beads in whatever color you want,and just curl the ends before crocheting arond the beads made some for decorating xxmas gifts and everyone liked them thanks for the idea!
Very, very nice! I love them. My tree is all gold, white, and purple,and these ornaments lend themselves to being made to match! Great pattern, Suzie!
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pattern. I wonder since beads come in all sizes, what size is best for this pattern? Thanks. Roz

It isn't made with beads, it is a candy cane shaped decoration.
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