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Worsted weight yarn, approximately 3 ounces

I (5.5 mm) crochet hook (if you crochet loosely use a H hook)

Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
When joining with a slip stitch, pull the slip stitch tight.

Beanie in photo crocheted using Red Heart Super Saver in Peruvian Print.

Chain 5 and join to form a loop, ch 2 (don’t count as a dc of the next round)

ROUND 1: 12 dc in loop, join with a slipstitch, ch 2 (12 dc) (remember to not count the ch 2 as a dc)

2 dc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (24 dc)

Ch 2, (dc in next st, 2 dc in next st) repeat around, join with a slipstitch. (36 Sts)

ROUND 4: Ch 2, (dc in next 2 st, 2 dc in next st) repeat around, join with a slipstitch. (48 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (48 sc)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (48 sc)

Ch 2, (dc in 3 st, 2 dc in next st) repeat around, join with a slipstitch. (60 Sts)

ROUND 8: Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (60 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (60 Sts)

Ch 2, (dc in 4 st, 2 dc in next st) repeat around, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 2, dc every st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

For women’s hat see Note below.

MEN’S ROUND 16: Ch 2, dc ea sc, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Measure the depth of the hat, if it isn’t at least 8 inches repeat rounds 14-16. Then proceed to rounds 17-21.

MEN’S ROUND 17: Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

MEN’S ROUND 19: Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in ea st. (72 Sts) Fasten off.

Note: Women’s version.

Ch 2, hdc in ea st, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in back loop of hdc, leaving 2 unworked loops on front, join with a slipstitch. (72 Sts)

Ch 1, sc in each sc. (72 Sts) Fasten off.

I could not find a pattren any where for this hat. Thanks so much, my Son wanted me to make him a hat like this, now i can. Thanks again. Wanda
I want to make caps for the homeless in Seattle for the Holidays. It gets so wet here. And I needed a nice but rather fast pattern. This is perfect! Thanks for posting it. In God We Trust, Renee
I made several of these up in a day. They fit perfect & take me about 2 hours max. The women's sits flat on top, hugs the head & just covers the top of my ears. A perfect head warmer! I used Red Heart yarn in Black Fleck. Thank you!
I absolutely love this pattern. I made 4 this weekend for a local charity.

Thank you so much for the pattern. I love the look with the different stitches. I used a g hook for a younger person.
Thank you for this pattern! I'm about to knit some men's hats for a homeless veteran's home. This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you sooo much! Have a great day! :)
Thank you so much for posting this. I found this page a couple days ago when I was searching for hat to make myself. lol. Selfish woman I am sometimes. I had purchased some yarn to make something with and could not figure out what. My dd wanted another hat for her doll, but I wanted something for me. :) Found this and printed out the instructions and made myself a hat! YAY! Then DH liked it, so I made him one, but his is a bit long and so I might redo it. Anyway...thanks...I looked all over for a cool pattern like this. This is a hit. (my boys and my girlie want their own now! thinking Christmas!!)
Thank you for this beanie pattern. I made my first one and it was about 3 inches too big for my weinie head! I have a small head, even for a woman. I used a size H hook. Should I use a G?
Thanks! Teresa
I suggest on round 10 only increase 6 stitches instead of 12. That's what I do when making this beanie for a preteen.
Thank you! I will try it!
Hi Suzie, I am just getting back to crochet after many years. I have made a couple of scarfs thought I was ready for this beanie! I started great but Then round 10! I understood it as to skip to the 4th stitch (dc)and 2dc in the next and repeat with skipping to 4th and 2dc in next(keep repeating). It was tight and only had 36 stitches. I did the same in round 7 it worked then?? HELP ME Barbara tbtamartin@aol.com
You aren't supposed to skip any stitches. You dc in the stated number of stitches, then 2 dc in next stitch.
Cool. Im gonna try this one out right now. Am making it for my brother for christmas. =)
Thank for this pattern. I was wanting to ask you if this would be a good cap for cancer patients? I am going to crochet hats for men as well as women and I don't think they would want any holes in the hat. Is this a holey hat?
Jacquita Davis
My email address is: jacqnbill@escapees.com
Thanks for sharing your patterns. I am going to give this one a try!
I love this hat pattern. I'm making scarf and hat sets for Christmas gifts. This hat was a little large so I dc in 5 sts in rnd 7 instead of 3 using H hook and stayed at 56 sts. for rest of hat but my seam in the back towards the end slants to one side, can you tell me what i'm doing wrong?
Crochet always slants to one side. It is the nature of the art. Each stitch isn't exactly on top of the prior row, it is slightly to the side.
Suzie, I love this pattern! I use it all the time. I also live on the west coast (in BC, Canada) and the winter weather can be a little harsh. I have been giving my hats away to the local shelters and family to keep their "noggins" warm. I have even added a crocheted flower pin for the ladies. Thank you so much for sharing. The "Mad Hatter", Leah
I love this pattern, I made one for my youngest son (24) and the oldest son (26) snagged it. So now I will be making more.
PS You're site is very nice and easy to navigate.
I am new to crochet and love your blog. I am trying to make this hat and am confused a bit going from round 6 to round 7 - is your description (dc in 3 st, 2 dc in next st) meaning dc in 3rd stitch from chain, 2 dc in next stitch, stip 2 stitches dc and then 2 dc in next stitch? The photo does not appear to have any holes in it but doing this gives me a pattern of spaces in this row! Please help!
Kelly, in answer to your question: (dc in 3 st, 2 dc in next st) means dc in 3 stitches, then work two dc in the next stitch.

You might like to join my Yahoo Group (link on blog) so that you can get answers to your question about my patterns.
Thank you! I hope to finish the hat today.
After much searching for a pattern to a beanie hat that actually fits. You have hit the nail on the head. What a fantastic pattern and after making 5 hats from your pattern every one is a perfect fit. Please keep up the excellent work.
Luv Jo x
have been looking for a unisex pattern to use for fundraising for highschool kids....thanks soooo much, it's perfect
Love your patterns....am currently on my third easiest afghan in the world.....all my friends want one.Now i am looking for a croched cap with a visor for women.Was wondering if you have such a thing.......Thank you ....joyce(knitternana1@hotmail.com..or jconnors905@hotmail.com.....
I am soooo excited to have found your website, I can't wait to make the cute scarves, hats, and baby cocoon. It's so refreshing that I don't have to pay to use your patterns to make things for myself and my boys. I am due next Tuesday with my third boy and already paid once for a cocoon pattern, which i made, and now I can make him a second one with dark brown yarn for pictures, with your shell pattern, only paying for the yarn. And I also love that you answer questions when we have a question (the lady I bought my cocoon pattern from never answered my second question, how disappointing.) Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you!!!!!! I will be busy crocheting!!!!:)
Congrats on the upcoming birth of another little boy. I raised two boys and had so much fun being a den mother and scout mom. I got to do all kinds of fun things with my boys and their friends, from watermelon seed spitting contests to the rodeo.
I have been crocheting for years but the term( hdc )I do not know what that means can you help
Half double crochet. I'm surprised you haven't come across that stitch before. It is one of my favorites.
Mine turned out to be a flat yarmulke looking-like thing. Like a slightly curved pancake. I believe I followed the directions, but it just didn't materialize into anything wearable. Help?
Did you used worsted weight yarn and an I hook? Did your work have the correct number of stitches on each round?

You must not have followed the instructions. Many people have made this beanie without any problems.
This is my favorite pattern, I just taught myself how to crochet and have made about 25 hats from this pattern. I love it!
Thanks for letting me know how much you are enjoying the pattern.
Thanks so much for this pattern. I have now made a few hats.. and crocheted them!! Can't believe it.. I usually only crocheted squares, blankets etc. Since my success with your pattern, i have now ventured to try crochet dolls clothes and they are comming along just fine.. Thanks again!

From: Marina in Ireland
I love this pattern! Just made one in lime green and bedecked it with sequins to make it more "me." I love the simplicity--I have 2 little boys who are forever interrupting me, so I hate having difficult patterns.
Thank you for this great pattern. My daughter has made two hats and it's her first time reading a pattern! She has made flat projects, granny squares etc and I used this project to teach her to read patterns so thank you!
I love this pattern. It is so easy. I have been using the pattern to crochet hats for the homeless and have made 65 since Thanksgiving. Thank you so much.
The homeless love them and so do my grandchildren.
Bless you for your good works.
Love this amazing pattern and your generosity in sharing it. Thanks
I followed to the letter, still seems short.
That can happen because the yarn or hook you use isn't "to gauge". Just work enough rounds to make it as long as you want it.
I've been looking for patterns to use for "Knots of Love" chemo caps, and your site is a treasure trove. I will share your website with others who want to make hats for charitable giving, too. Thank you for your talent.
Thank you for passing along the link to my blog. I'm always delighted to hear people are using my patterns for giving.
hi i just started learning to crochet i have made 3 granny square kid hats for xmas gifts for my three nieces ages 4.2.1 now making this hat for my brother.I'm going on round 14 the depth is almost 8 inches but is seams to short even on me, it doesn't cover my whole head yet which rows should i repeat for the men and womens I'm using a i hook
Measure the depth of the hat, if it isn’t at least 8 inches repeat rounds 14-16. Then proceed to rounds 17-21.
Thank you for the free pattern!
Me and my mom were trying to make one today and we can't get it to turn into that "bowl" shape. :( I am confused as to what went wrong. Any clues?
Are you increasing after round 10? If you follow the pattern it should start to cup after that.
Yes, we got to about round 16 and it didn't seem that it could be round enough/take that shape with only a few rounds left.
Without seeing it, I'm sorry I can't help you.
I love this pattern! I made a beanie as a gift and it turned out awesome! It is the perfect size and super easy to make. I was wondering if I could sell a few of these to some friends. I am a college student with hardly any money, so a few extra dollars could help! I promise they recipients will know that the pattern came from you and that the pattern is free :)If not I completely understand.

Thank you,

Nikkole, contact me privately at
I am so glad I found this sight, I made a hat for my granddaughter but it just wasnt right for my grandson and there was the pattern thanks again, I will be using this sight often, maybe I will be able to do the pinapple stiching
jean of Wa.
This looks great ... my husband wants "Daddy and Me" hats to wear with my son ... any suggestions for shrinking this for a child (small child size or 4T-5T).
I usually read a pattern to get a general idea for what to do such as how many stitches in a row and then just do my own thing to make the actual beanies. I tend to make animal heads and colorful curly tops. Recently I have found myself unemployed and have been offered a spot at a craft fair to sell some beanies. I've never actually sold any they've all been gifts.bc I just like to try.patterns out. I was wondering if I tried this pattern since everyone says its quick if I could try to sell some at the craft fair? I wouldn't want to do it without your permission and if you would rather I didn't I can.use some of my own that just take a little longer to make. Thanks!
You can contact me at
suzettaw98226@yahoo.com to ask permission.
If you only increase to 60 sts and then follow the pattern to finish it should fit a child. If 60 is too large try 54.
hey thanks for this :) 1st crocheting i have done to a pattern, and 1st bigger piece- usually make wee jewellery pieces, and this pworked out well and was awesome! very clear thanks :)
I was just wondering how big (in Inches) the women's hat is when its finished? Thanks
It's an average size about 20-22 inches.

It will vary depending upon the crocheter and the yarn used.
Okay, Thanks So much :)
I really don't know where I'm going wrong... I made one hat following the instructions and it was my first ever hat I have made. Now onto my second and I'm so confused. I do round 1 and I have 12 stitches . Round 2 I have 24, round 3 I have 36 but on round 4 when I get to 48 there is a massive gap between the end and doing the slip stitch.... Where am I going wrong? I have counted over and over and re stitched a number of times but I still get to the same point of this massive gap... Help me please, thanks xxx
Round 4 there is an increase in every third stitch. That will equal 12 additional stitches and bring you back to the start of the round.
I started using this pattern as soon as I saw it, I printed it out and made 18 of them for Christmas gifts. Here awhile back I found a patter online for kids that are sesame street hats, lo and behold my teenagers wanted them n more than the little ones after working forever on one and still not being done I have come back to your beloved pattern and will make the beanie then add the noses, eyes, beaks, and whatnot to the beanies to get the Sesame street characters. The I have to make 14 for the wrestling team when DH asked me how long this would take I cringed until I remembered this pattern and told him not to long.
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