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Stuffed Animal Sweater

Stuffed animal
Worsted weight yarn (vest can be made of any yarn with suitable hook)
I hook
Tape measure
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers (I use scrap yarn)


With I hook, leaving an 8 inch tail, chain the length that you need your sweater width to be, plus 2 stitches.
See note 1 about sizes.

Row 1F:
Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, and in each ch across. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2F:
Hdc in each st across. Ch 2, turn.
Repeat row 2 until you reach length needed for body.

Neckline Row:
Find center front and place marker. Measure the width across animal’s chest just below neck. This is the width for the neckline opening. From center measure one half the width for your neck opening, mark with stitch marker on each side of center.
Hdc to first marker (neck opening), ch the same number of sts as between the 2 markers. Skip the sts between the markers, hdc in remaining sts across. Ch 2, turn.


Row 1B:
Hdc in each hdc and each ch. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2B:
Hdc in each st across. Ch 2, turn.

Repeat row 2 until the back has the same number of rows as the front of the sweater. Fasten off leaving tail long enough for sewing side seam.

To finish sew side seams, leaving an opening for the arms (legs).


Mock turtleneck:

Round 1:
Attach yarn in hdc at side of neck edge. *Ch 2, hdc in each st around neck, slipstitch in top of beginning hdc to join.

Round 2:
Ch 2, hdc in each st around, slipstitch in top of first hdc to join.

Ribbed collar:

Round 1:
Attach yarn in hdc at side of neck edge. *Ch 2, hdc in each st around neck, slipstitch in top of first hdc to join.

Round 2:
Ch 2, work a bphdc around hdc, work fphdc around next hdc, repeat from * around, ending with a fphdc. Join with a bphdc around the first bphdc. If you happen to end with a bphdc don’t fret about it. You can fudge it by joining with a fphdc around the chain 2 instead of the first bphdc.

Round 3:
Ch 2, work a fphdc around each fphdc and a bphdc around each bphdc. Join with a slipstitch around first fphdc.


1: With worsted weight yarn and an I (5.5 mm) hook, 24 stitch chain fits a 15 inch tummy.

2: These are the length of starting chains that work for me for different sized animals.

23 in = 38 sts
17 in = 28 sts
16 in = 26 sts
15 in = 24 sts
14 in = 22 sts
13 in = 21 sts
12 in = 20 sts
11 in = 18 sts
10 in = 17 sts
9 in = 15 sts
8 in = 13 sts
7 in = 11 sts
6 in = 9 sts
5 in = 7 sts

Fphdc = Front post half double crochet
Bphdc = Back post half double crochet

suzie thank you so much x
thanks you so much suzie xx
I vacationed in your part of the country last year and really enjoyed visiting the yarn store in Bellingham - love that town. What a beautiful area of the country. Thanks for this pattern, my granddaughters will be very happy with sweaters that fit.
Thanks for this pattern. My granddaughters will be very happy to have sweaters for their favorite stuffed animals that actually fit. I visited the beautiful Pacific NW last year. Thoroughly enjoyed Bellingham and the great knit store there.
can you tell me if the measurement is just the front of the animal or the entire belly measurement of the animal?
It is the circumference.
Brilliant!! A friend just brought me a saggy, potbellied, droopy dog that her grandchild loves to death and wants a sweater for. I have made shawls galore but never an actual article of clothing. Thank you not just for the pattern but the great notes! Need all the help I can get.
Thanks. I've made at least 100 of these and hope you enjoy making one.
I don't mean to sound stupid but just sat down with I hook and yarn all excited to begin and read that my friend measured 12" across belly. That must mean a straight measurement across, side to side. must need the measurement totally around, right? So I should consider it 24" and not 12. Is that correct? Is the front and back separate and each panel would be 12" or is this worked in a circle?

Thank you for any help you can give.
As you will notice there are side seams, so it isn't worked in the round.
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