Saturday, August 25, 2007


The pattern for the Roll Brim Hat -Child's can be found on the right side bar. These instructions are just how I decorated this one for a little boy.

NOTE: The embellishments aren’t suitable for a small boy who might pull them off and put them it his mouth.


Small Fish Lures

5 pom-poms
White craft paint
Black craft paint
Small amount of novelty yarn
White glue
Needle and thread

Break toothpick in half and smooth one of the broken ends with sandpaper or an emery board.

Place a small amount of white paint on a piece of aluminum foil. Dip the smoothed end of the toothpick in the white paint. Then dab one of the pom-poms on each side for eyes. Allow to dry completely.

Now place a small amount of the black paint on the foil. Using the pointy end of the toothpick, dip it in the black paint. Then dot the black paint in the center of the eye. Allow to dry completely.

After the pom-poms are dry, thread a tapestry needle with novelty yarn and run it through the center of the pom-pom, top to bottom using the eyes as a reference. Now you can knot the yarn or dab a small amount of white glue on the yarn and pull the glued section inside the pom-pom.


Foil gift bag
White glue

Cut a square of the bag approximately 2 inches square. Spread glue in the back and fold in half with the shiny side out. When completely dry, cut an oval or leave shape about 1 X 2 inches. Punch a small hole in one end of the oval .

Now you have embellishments to customize your hat. Sew or glue the lures and spinner randomly on hat.

Very Cute Suzetta :)

This is so adorable! You are so creative and talented! :-)

Where do you get all those ideas? Are you dreaming about your next designs or something? LOL
I can't get to the pattern for this hat. Why isn't it by the picture like all the others?
Read the line right under the photo, it tells you where the pattern is.
Nothing but the picture of this hat shows up, I can't get a pattern from the right side bar, please help, this is too cute too pass up for my grandson!! I am a beginner of knitting and am addicted already!
The hat uses the Roll Brim Hat pattern, as it says under the photo.
Love this - but when I click on the link to the right it takes me back to the directions for the embellishments, not to the directions to crochet the hat. Can you help? Thanks.
You need to click on the Roll Brim Hat - Child's.
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