Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bargain Yarn

Recently I ran across what I thought was a real bargain yarn. It is Paton's Ci Ci, a super bulky yarn. First I tried crocheting with it. Only luck I had with that was bad luck. So then I tried knitting with it. Casting on was a joke, this yarn doesn't slide on it self at all.

I had just about decided to donated it to the Goodwill, then I decided that maybe if I worked with it long ways and cast on with something else I could manage to use it. Well, now I'm in love with this yarn. It is so soft and colorful it really is a delight to the eyes.

The pattern that follows, Super Bulky and Worsted Weight Scarf, is how I am using up my "bargain" yarn. There are other Super Bulky yarns (gauge 6) and I can't wait to give some of them a go. But first I have 9 more balls of Ci Ci to use up.

I'm making a large blanket using Patons Ci Ci and Lion Homespun together, which I think makes the Ci Ci easier to work with. It's very soft and warm - hope your scarf turns out well!
hey suz--i think with all those patterns you should publish your own book and i want the first autographed copy
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