Sunday, March 25, 2007


My April Scarf

I call the stitch used in this scarf the seed stitch, because it makes me think of the knitted seed stitch. Not so much how it looks but the technique. It makes a nice edge, almost scalloped. The ends may be finished with fringe if that’s your preference.

Size: 6.75 inch X 58 inches

Worsted weight yarn 4 ounces
I crochet hook
J crochet hook


With J hook, ch 19.

Row 1: (right side) Sc in second chain from hook and in each chain across. Ch 1, turn. (18 sc)

Switch to I hook.

Row 2: Sc in back loop of 1st sc, sc in front loop of next sc. *Sc in back loop of next sc, sc in front loop of next sc, repeat from * across row. Ch 1, turn. (18 sc)

Repeat row 2 for pattern until you reach the length that you want your scarf, ending on wrong side.

Last row: Sc in each sc across row.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

For wider scarf make starting chain longer, any odd number of chains.

Sample crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver Spring Green.
4 ounces of Red Heart Super Saver makes a scarf 58 inches long. For a longer scarf or to add fringe you will need more yarn.

Very pretty!!!
very nice on best of all - easy

Thank you very much
Lovely scarf pattern Suzetta! I actually like the color a lot too and I am not usually a big fan of green!
Very Pretty Suz :)
Now this I want :) I have a thing for Scarves! I am always making new ones for myself.
Another pretty scarf, Suzetta! I so admire your creativity! :-)
I love it--comes out pretty
Awesome Scarf! I am going to make several in different colors. Thanks for sharing.
This looks like a perfect scarf for the special olympic project. Thank you
I'm assuming you switch to the "J" hook for the single crochet row at the end. You might want to add that. I struggle a little sometimes so I'm sure others do too.
No, don't change to the J hook for the last row. Most people will notice their first row is narrower than subsequent rows, that's why it starts out with the J.
I am a beginner but do you think this pattern would work as a blanket. I looked at you Easy crochet blanket with the rows, & I can not do that. Do you have any other VERY easy & quick to make crochet patterns for blankets? Thank you for your help, & thank you for your wonderful gift of sharing & making people happy with all you do. Thanks again. Carmella
You could use this pattern for a blanket. I don't think it would be fast though.

If you decide to use this pattern, I suggest starting with a 127 stitch chain.
beautiful! i made this for my bf's mom for her birthday, and it was great. i really like this stitch, and the edge!
the sticth looks cool
great work, I love it.
Thanks for the beautiful pattern. I made two that will be donated to needy recipients through my parents' church this Christmas. Even though I'm just starting out as a crocheter, they turned out great.
Congrats on learning a new skill. I'm sure you will get many wonderful hours of enjoyment out of crocheting.
Very nice pattern. I would love to see a pattern, or two, for hats, that would match the stitch in this scarf.
I just made this scarf and did the first row in single crochet and from Row 2 on in double crochet using the back and front stich alternation and it looks absolutely great. The only difference is I did a Ch 3 at the end of the row instead of Ch 1. I did end it with a row of single crochet as the pattern indicates. Really enjoyed doing it and looking forward to making more. I have made the Ruffled Scarf and that is great also. Thanks so much for your patterns and your creativity.
I did my scarf with half double crochet instead of the single crochet.
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