Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Have you heard about the Red Scarf Project?

To get you started there are three crocheted and one knitted scarf patterns free on my blog.

My Cross Stitch Scarf

My Ruffles Scarf

My Chevron Scarf

My Rib Stitch Sampler Scarf

My Condo Knit Scarf

I challenge you to crochet or knit just one during the month of January and send it to the Orphan Foundation. As a little extra incentive, everyone who crochets or knits one of my scarves, sends it and enters a comment under the pattern they used, will be entered in a drawing for a prize. A yarnie prize of course.

When you enter your comment be sure to enter a way for me to notify you if you are the winner.

So, if we knit or crochet the scarf in December it won't count?

Yarn Mouse
Yes it will count, but you can't mail it until January.
Hi Suzie,

The Red Scarf Project is one charity featured at Fiber Femmes. Please, would you allow the re-printing of your Ruffled Scarf at You'd retain all rights and receive links to your blog/web sites. This project is one of my personal favorites and I always enjoy knitting and sending a scarf.

Thanks for your consideration.

BTW, I tried sending a post to your Ruffled Scarf post but not sure it went through.

Sandra @ Fiber Femmes
Hummm ??? I just finished a scarf for the project but I pretty much made it up... Does that count ???
Sorry Penny, to be in the prize drawning you need to make one of my patterns. But there are several choices and lots of time remains.
Just finished the Condo Scarf in Lion Brand Homespun in shades of Red. Its soft and cuddly and extra long. Will post a pic to the Scarf Crazy group ASAP under FLHazeleyed album! Thanks for the pattern suggestion!

I made up my own pattern on my first scarf, but also made one of your ruffled scarves so now have two to send in January.

Made my scarf today. Used your combo pattern, but used size 17 and 10.5 needles that I had.
Cast on 13 stitches. Used red textured yarn that I picked up at Rag Shop. Will send to the orphan project Monday.
Janice Loveland
I'm putting my scarf in the mail today. There are pictures on my flicr account including this one.
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