Sunday, December 10, 2006



Soft worsted weight yarn about 5 ounces, Simply Soft, Woolease
I (5.5mm) Hook

Gauge: 11 dc = 4 inches

Size: 5.25 inches X 66 inches

Special stitches:

Foundation stitch = Ch 3, yarn over, insert hook in first ch and *pull up a loop. Yarn over, and pull through one loop (chain). Yarn over and pull through two loops twice (dc). You now have two foundation stitches. Yarn over and insert hook in ch of stitch just made. Repeat from * until you have desired number of stitches.

Dc Cross Stitch = Dc cross stitch = Skip one stitch, double crochet in next stitch. From behind, dc in skipped stitch.

Row 1: Work 180 (or any multiple of 2) double crochet foundation stitches. Ch 2 turn.

Note: Turning chains don’t count as dc throughout.

Row 2: Dc in each stitch. Ch 2 turn.

Row 3: Work dc cross stitches across. Ch 2 turn.

Row 4: Dc in each stitch. Ch 2 turn.

Row 5-6: Repeat row 3 and 4.

Row 7: Repeat row 3.

Row 8- 9: Repeat row 4. Do not fasten off.


Row 1: Do not turn ch 1, 17 sc evenly across narrow edge. Ch 1 turn.

Row 2-3: Sc in each sc, ch 1 turn.

Repeat edging on opposite end.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Nice Scarf Suzie...
Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

I will absolutely do the Condo scarf! Thanks.
Made this great pattern and sent it to the Red Scarf Project. I learned to knit in Girl Scouts, and to crochet after I got married 40 years ago.
I loved using this pattern! The scarf will be in the mail tomorrow.

I made this in Plymouth Encore DK held double, and it looks great! I'll be sending it to the Red Scarf Project as soon as I finish a couple other scarves I'm doing.
I absolutely loved this pattern and have made two scarves for the Red Scarf program with it! THanks for your sweet generousity in sharing the pattern for this worthy cause!
I love this pattern and have my scarf ready to mail, but, I'm trying to get a second one ready before I do the mailing.
How neat!! Thanks!!
Carey K.
-I'm Cross Stitch Crazy!!!
Jamie did this scarf and being left handed, she ahd a bit of trouble but made it and is very pleased with it.
Loved this scarf - quick & easy pattern. Putting scarf in mail tomorrow.
I loved this pattern it was really quick. I made one of these for the red scraf project.
Kathy C
Simi Valley, ca
Love this pattern! Had to try it for the the Red Scarf program.
I like this pattern and hope to try it as soon as I am through with therapy from my thumb surgery.
Just found you recently and have made two cross-stitch scarves already. Great pattern, so quick and fun to do.
Thanks for your expertise.
Phyllis in CA
I would love to give this a whirl but I try as I might I cannot understand the stitches. I have tried looking them up but none of my books have these stitches. Is there an easier way to make me understand the directions?
Many people have successfully crocheted this scarf, so I don't think it is a problem with the instructions.

Perhaps you can find a crochet teacher in your neighborhood to help you. I'm not able to do that long distance.
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