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Condo knitting was popular in the late 1970s. I expect some of you are too young to have participated in the fad lo those many years ago. Others of us haven’t thought about knitting that way in a very long time.

Condo knitting is a technique that uses two needles of different diameters. You knit rows alternately with one large and one small needle. For this pattern (more of a technique explained) you will use bulky yarn and one size 11 and one size 35 needle. With this combination you will have a warm and soft scarf in a couple hours.

I used Bernat Solo (86 yards), that makes a scarf 6 inch X 64 inch with 12 stitch cast on or 7

inch X 58 inch with 14 stitch cast on. With Lion Brand Homespun use US size 11 and 17 needles and cast on 16 or 18.

Bulky yarn about 85-100 yards
Pair of size US 11 (8mm) knitting needles
1 size US 35 (19mm) knitting needle
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

With the size 11 needle cast on 12-14 stitches
Row 1: K across with size 11 needle.
Row 2: K across with size 35 needle.

Repeat these two rows until about 36 inches of yarn remainins.

Knit one row with size 11 needle.

Bind off with size 11 needles.

Note: After knitting each row give a tug on the scarf. This isn’t absolutely necessary but it will assist in aligning the stitches properly.

Too KEWL Suzetta!!!!!!! I'm gonna try this one of these days! Thanks for sharing!
I have never heard of this technique. It is such a unique and interesting idea that I might actually break my rule of not buying any more yarn until more of my stash has been used.
On the other hand, I might just try using two or more strands of worsted wt. together and see what happens.
Fellow ScarfCrazy member here. I like this pattern too! I tried it with 2 worsted strands and didn't quite get the long drop between rows effect. So darn it all, its off to the store to get some nice bulky stuff on sale. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right. Basically knitting off the small to the large and vice versa right? Do I knit loosely or tightly when I go to the 11's? I think that's where my hitch is coming from. I've already got another pattern for the worsted that didn't work for this pattern. So either way, I've got a few scarves headed toward Red Scarf project.
WOW!!! Those are big needles! I don't think I have ever knit with #35... Your scarf looks great though! :-)

BTW, if you havent already done this one, consider yourself TAGGED. See my blog for details!!!

Happy Stitching Year! :-)
Finally worked through everything and made a gorgous homespun in shades of red. I made it extra long too for either a taller person or a few extra wraps around the neck. Now if I can only get the camera to work right.
What a great pattern! Can't wait to try it and I think I'm going to use this pattern for the Red Scarf Project. Thanks for sharing the pattern!
OK.. I finished the Condo Scarf and posted all about it in my Blog :)

Thanks for the pattern Suaetta.. It was lots of Fun !!!

I spent the weekend making up these scarves, using a variety of yarns with a variety of needles. I have at least 5 left, after everyone in the family claimed the one they say I made for them--so these lowly 5--and any more I make--will be off to the red scarf project by the end of next week.
Gee does this bring back memories...I remember a top done with this stitch that we wore in summer over our togs...
Thanks Suzie
I loved this pattern and how it worked up.
I did this scarf as a last minute one and liked it a lot, did a sweater using this technique many years ago and it is still around.
My grandma sent me this patern to use for a 4H project and I like it a lot
I picked up some Addi's a few years ago that had size 7 on one end and 11 on the other. I never really found a use for them, but maybe they'd work for this scarf pattern in a thinner yarn and more stitches. Thanks for posting! Trish
How cool, I've never seen a needle like that.
didn't realize that it had a name, was making myself a scarf out of the ladder yarn and found that if I used the size that it said it was too narrow and if I went a couple of sizes bigger it was to lacy so I just decided on the spur of the moment to try using 2 different sizes and its coming along really well
Hi! I recognize this technique...we used to call it "Broomstick Lace" ... guess that really dates me!!
Actually broomstick lace is a different technique. I did quite a bit of that in the 70s. It is done with the large needle and a crochet hook.

I normally don't post but when I read kami's comment I had to as my grandma would knit every day and frequently used this technique, and she was always a big supporter of the 4-H. Thanks for reminding me.

Kevin Nugent, Boston
Oh my goodness, I still have my Condo Knitting needle set still in its original pouch that I bought way back when. It was packaged by Susan Bates Quicksilver Silkon Finish and the price was $7.95. The needle sizes were 2 size 7 and 1 size 15.it also had a rubber gripper to untighten the needles and a metal tightening pin.
Thanks for the memories,
I thought that condo you have mentioned is a property. Will gonna try it, thanks for this post.

Deirdre G
i love knitting, but at first i thought your post is about knitting scarf for a condo unit.. Well, very nice technique. And the patter is cool.

- Nigel
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