Wednesday, September 06, 2006


A few weeks ago I tried an experiment. It is a crocheted bag, using the shell stitch. I consider it my first felting flop. Partly the reason I don’t like the results is the yarn. That’s what happens when you use thrift store yarn that you don’t like in the first place. The texture of the felted material is sort of basket weave like. It looks a little holey, but is dense enough that I don’t think anything can sneak out.

Desperate women do desperate things. So I’m going to try over dyeing the bag and see it I like it any better. If I still hate it? Well it maybe just end up at the Goodwill.

I like it.
gee and i really love it
Yeah, see, I think it's adorable! I love the pink and green combination, and the pattern (at least from the pic) is very aesthetically pleasing (to me, anyway!)
Thanks for your kind comments ladies. I guess I'll wait and see if anyone buys the purse at the craft sales I'll be doing this Fall. If not then do "something" about it.
I love it just the way it is :)
I love this purse! The colors are complimentary and pleasing to the eye; the pattern stitch is great. Did you design this? I'd love to have the pattern. Great job!
I did design this bag and will try it again one of these days. In a more pleasing (to me) color combination. After that I will post the pattern.
I love both the design and the colors. One thing I like about felting is the the surprises you sometimes get. It the pattern yours or from a book? If a book would you share the title?
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