Thursday, July 27, 2006


Worsted Weight (Red Heart Super Saver)
G hook or hook needed to get a tight gauge of about 15 sc = 4 inches
Needle for sewing straps and weaving ends

SIZE: 5.5 X 8 inches excluding strap
Size is easily adjusted. For a deeper purse repeat round 3 until 1 inch less than desired depth. Then proceed with round 16. For wider purse start with a longer chain.

Ch 31

ROUND 1: Make 2 sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in each chain (28) to last chain, working over yarn tail for remainder of this round, 3 sc in last ch, work in opposite side of starting chain and sc in each of 29 chain stitches. DO NOT join rounds. [62 sc]
ROUND 2: Ss in BACK loop of first sc of round 1 (counts as first sc), sc in BACK loop of each sc around. [62 sc]

ROUNDS 3-15: Sc in BACK loop of next sc and in BACK loop of each sc around. [62 sc]

ROUND 16: Slip stitch in BACK loop of next 2 sc, ch 4, make trc in same stitch, 2 trc in BACK loop of each stitch. Join in top of ch 4.

STRAPS: Make 2.
ROUND 1: Leaving a 12 inch tail for sewing to purse, crochet a sc foundation row (see note 1) 16 inches (about 60 sts) long. Ch 1,DO NOT turn.
ROUND 2: Rsc around, working 2 rsc in the ends. DO NOT join, you will get a nearly invisible join if you fasten off leaving a 12 inch tail, and use your needle to join. Sew straps to sides about 3 inches apart
Note 1:
How to crochet a sc foundation row:
Ch 2, insert hook in second chain from hook, draw up a loop, chain 1 to make the base chain, yarn over, pull through 2 loops to finish the single crochet. Then insert hook into the chain 1 just made to make the next stitch.

Note 2:
If you don’t want to use the sc foundation for your straps you may ch 61 and sc in 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch. Then proceed to round 2.

very cute. Thanks for the pattern.
This is just what I needed for a quicky Christmas present thanks for the pattern.sharoninclovisnm
i love this pattern its so cuteim 1 and loveit
I just made this purse for a friend's 4 yr old niece. I used Bernat Softee Chunky and a J hook and it turned out so adorable. This is great for quick gifts. Thank you so much for posting it.

I bet it is very cute.
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