Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Gosh, long time no post.

My younger son finally got settled in Arizona. It was quite the time getting that accomplished. Whew! I’ve been trying to get myself more organized now that I have more space. But it seems I have a problem settling down and working on organizing. First there was a Good Sam campout. Then I decided the front yard was a higher priority. After all people can see that. So things are still a big mess.

I have been working on lots of knit and crochet projects.

(1)A crocheted Spiderman afghan. You can see the pattern here:
(2)Lots of baby and toddler caps.
(3)Several one big granny rectangle afghans.
(4)Umpteen scarves. I’ve been playing with some ideas for something a little different. Really, if I get some photos taken, I’ll be posting some free crocheted scarf patterns I think you will enjoy.

You've been so busy!!! Can't wait to see the scarf patterns. I love your stuff!
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