Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here is one of the little sweaters I've knit for CIC. This is some of my hand dyed Fishermen's Wool. I think it worked up nice in this little sweater.

This is some more of the Fishermen's Wool worked up into a vest.

Those turned out really nice, Suz. I love the colors you ended up with.
Very nice! I like the way you used the same pattern to make a vest. I'll have to try that!
those are great! the vest striped so nicely and i love that little sweater.
I love the pink and purple sweater. Very nice.
They both turned out just so very pretty. I am almost done with the new baby hoodie made with Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in blue and white sweet stripes (it self stripes sort of)Its on the front of their new booklet. Now after seeing the pink sweater I have to start something pink it was so lovely.
I love the way your CIC sweaters came out with the Fisherman's Wool you dyed. Funny - I was planning on dyeing some Fisherman's Wool this weekend for CIC projects. Now I know I'm planning on getting as much dyed as I can this weekend for future CIC projects!
They look GREAT!!
hi! what size is this the sweater on the upper left? i'd love to this for a toddler. very nice site.
Valerie, that is a size 2. The pattern also has size 4 and 6.
WOW. I especially like the purple and pink, but they're both very pretty. The kids are going to love them.
i love the purple!!!!
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