Tuesday, February 14, 2006


That's what they should have named this tote instead of the Felted Entrelac Tote. I completed the bag portion of the FET. It will probably take me two days just to weave in all the @#$%&* ends.

I will probably NEVER knit this pattern again, just because of the ends. However I'm very glad that I knit it this ONE time. I always wondered about entrelac and thought it looked impossibly complicated. Well, it isn't.

How long do you suppose it will take to knit 10 stitch I-Cord 40 inches long? Twice. Yikes 5 stitch is the widest I've done in the past, so this will be an adventure as well.

Congratulations on getting the bag portion knitted! At least you don't have to be really fancy about the ends, since it's felted....hope the I-cord goes faster than you think.

I like your new blog format.
Don't go nuts over getting the ends perfect. They will never come out once you've felted the bag. Can't wait to see it finished.
It looks great. I have a question for you - I'm trying to understand i cords but don't quite seem to be able to grasp them - are they basically little "knit in the round" tubes?
It looks great - congratulations on finishing! I have a question for you - I can't quite seem to figure out i- cords. Are they basically little tubes knit in the round so to speak? Thanks.
well, did the ends take 2 days?????
No the ends didn't take two days. Probably a couple hours. However, two hours of weaving ends seems like two days. NOT my favorite thing to do.
I dont knit much , just simple stuff,and I sure cant imagine taking up a tough project as this one. You are doing great. And yes, I think that weaving in end is the worst possible thing . I hate it too.
All the best with the cords. Waiting to see the finished project.
Please please post a picture of the tote after felting. I like the colors you used and really want to see it completed.
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