Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting and Crochet Olympics - Day 3

Here it is day 3, and I've fallen behind in the knitting event. Been spending too much time on the crocheting event. I've come up with a second fingerless mitt pattern and I like it much better. I posted it a few minutes ago.

My Crochet Olympics event is to crochet 8 pair of mitts for CIC [Children in Common]. I have 3.5 pair [7 mitts] completed. YES, even the ends woven in.

I'm going to switch over to my Knitting Olympics event this evening. I'm to the triangles on the FET. Good grief, I'll have to pay attention.

Knit [or crochet] on!

i like those....will have to try the thumb on the next ones i make. d
i like that....guess i'll try the thumb on the next pair i make....d
You're almost half done--good for you!
I thought I was the only nut doing knitting & crocheting olympics. I'm concentrating on the knitting olympics first & then I'm going on to do UFO crochet olympics, i.e. see how many UFO's I can finish. I'm going to concentrate mostly on the afghans I've started & abandoned, even though they are large projects, because they are for charity.
cool! crochet olympics too! good luck! =)
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