Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fingerless Mitts Pattern

Fingerless Mitts

Copyright 2002, by Suzetta Williams. All Rights Reserved

These are handy because you can slip your thumb out and shove the mitts up your wrist, no more lost gloves.

Worsted weight
G hook

Foundation: Chain 32

Row 1: Hdc in third chain from hook and in each chain to end. Chain 2 turn. {30 hdc}

Rows 2-7: Hdc in back loop only (BLO) of each hdc of prior row. Chain 2 turn

Row 8: Hdc in BLO first 16 hdc of row 7, chain 5, skip 5 hdc and hdc in BLO of remaining 9 hdc of row 7. Chain 2 turn.

Row 9-16: Repeat row 2, working hdc in each chain of chain 5. After completing row 16 do not chain 2, fasten off leaving a tail long enough for sewing seam.

Finishing: Sew seam catching BLO of row 16 to foundation chain.

Optional thumb:

Row 1: Attach yarn with a sc in the first skipped st of row 7. Sc in each skipped st of row 7, sc in side of hdc of row 8, sc in unused loop of chain of row 8, 2 sc in side of hdc row 8. Join with a slip st in first sc. Ch 1, DO NOT TURN. (13 sc)

Row 2-5: Sc in each sc around. Join with a slip st in first sc. Ch 1, DO NOT TURN. (13 sc

Thanks SO MUCH for these two lovely patterns! I hope to try them soon! At least BEFORE winter is over!
i just love this pattern. they are so easy to make. thank you!
I can hardly wait to try this pattern for charity! Thanks so much for sharing this.
Thank you for the pattern; I made 2 pair yesterday!
I love this pattern. I am making these for all of the girls (women) in the family for Christmas. We have a new female in our family this year. Her name is Olivia Grace and I wanted to make her a pair of fingerless gloves also. After all she is one of the girls now. I need a pattern for a baby. Can you please help me with that?
You could use one of my baby mitt patterns. I'm unable to crochet right now, so no new patterns for crocheted items any time soon.

It seems the pattern's text was cut off. Can you please tell us what the pattern should say after Rows 2-5 of the thumb?

That's all there is. A closing ) would have made it more clear.
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